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Shopper Shares 6 "Perfect Spring Shoes" From Walmart for as Little as $9

There's something for every situation and occasion.

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The best part of welcoming a new season is building your wardrobe. That's especially the case in spring when warmer weather means being able to break out skirts, dresses, and shoes that are built for style as opposed to warmth and practicality. While stocking up can sometimes mean breaking your budget, that doesn't have to be the case. In a recent video, TikTok user Kerrissa (@kerrissaf) shared a few favorites right at Walmart—and all for under $25. "I'm here at Walmart and we have to talk shoes because they have the cutest ones," she says. Keep reading to see exactly what she scored!

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White slides

white slide on sandal platform
Copyright @kerrissaf / TikTok

These shoes could take you anywhere from brunch to a bridal shower. "So bummed, I cannot find these platform slides in my size," says Kerrissa. The espadrille sole is super on-trend, while the creamy color keeps them versatile. Because of the platform, you get height without achy feet.

Canvas sneakers

Canvas sneaker
Copyright @kerrissaf / TikTok

A neutral sneaker is ideal for springtime walks and long travel days where you'll be on your feet for hours. "Look how fun these little canvas sneakers are," says Kerrissa. You could pair them with all types of casual skirts and dresses, and even jeans or linen pants.

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Metallic rainbow sandals

Metallic Rainbow Sandals
Copyright @kerrissaf / TikTok

"How beautiful are all the colors in this—I love these," she says. The rainbow effect will make a fun statement when paired with an all-white, black, or neutral outfit. Or, team them with one of the colors that appears in the shoe for a bold look.

Nude flip-flop

Nude Flip-Flop
Copyright @kerrissaf / TikTok

Everyone loves the minimalist look these days, so head to Walmart for footwear that fits the bill. "We all need a good basic nude flip flop—and these are only $9," she says. They'll match almost anything in your closet in a pinch. Plus, the slip-on style makes them easy to grab and go for tasks like picking up the mail or taking out the trash.

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Glitter sandal

Glitter Sandal
Copyright @kerrissaf / TikTok

The easiest way to pump up a simple outfit is with a touch of metallic. "I'm so here for all the sparkles," says Kerrissa. "These are so fun, and they also come in black." Slide them on with jeans and a T-shirt for a casual vibe.

Fluffy slide-on slipper

Fluffy Slide-On Slipper
Copyright @kerrissaf / TikTok

"These slippers are going home with me," says Kerrissa. "They're so cute and incredibly soft." She also found a rack where they were available in pink—and there's nothing better than a fluffy slide in a Barbie color. Keep them by your bedside, and they'll make waking up on chilly spring mornings so much easier.

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