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Five Below Shoppers Say You'd "Never Know" These 11 Clothing Items Were Only $5

Don't be fooled by the price tag; these clothing items are super stylish.

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Five Below may be where you shop for affordable household essentials, snacks, and toys, but the discount retailer has recently caused quite a stir on social media with its clothing items. Shopper influencers have found everything from Urban Outfitters lookalikes to Skims dupes—which they say you'd "never know" were just $5. Read on to find out what they say are their closet must-haves.

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Cropped T-shirts

Pink Cropped Shirt Five Below
Copyright @paigeconstantino/TikTok

In a TikTok video from Feb. 15, Paige Constantino, an influencer who shares her shopping finds, couldn't believe that she found "Urban Outfitters lookalikes" at Five Below. "Soo stretchy and soft," she wrote in the text overlaying the video of these cropped t-shirts. She showed the top in pink, white with purple trim, and black.

Skims-lookalike dresses

Long Dress Five Below
Copyright @paigeconstantino/TikTok

The next items Constantino highlights are stretchy dresses, starting with a cutout dress that she found in pink and green. "That is so cute for summertime," she says.

The "long body con dresses" are also a win, but what Constantino gets super excited about is a long, spaghetti strap dress with a slit. "Are you kidding me? Nobody would ever know that's from Five Below," she says.

Fellow TikToker @iamqunay2, who shares budget style tips, added that the dresses are like "Skims dupes."

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Black Bodysuit Five Below
Copyright @thesidneyjewel/TikTok

Bodysuits have become a closet staple, and no one was more surprised to see them at Five Below than Sidney Jewel, another budget-friendly shopper who highlighted the black bodysuit in a Feb. 3 TikTok video.

She then went on to find shorts-style bodysuits in lavender, light pink, bright pink, and black, noting that they could be worn for working out.

Matching lounge sets

Matching Sweat Sets Five Below
Copyright @paigeconstantino/TikTok

During another trip to Five Below shared in a separate video, Constantino was excited to see matching lounge sets. The crewneck sweatshirt and matching shorts are just $5 total. Constantino showed a white one that says "Choose Happy" and a purple one that says "Make Boys Cry."

Maxi skirt and tube-top sets

Skirt and Top Set Five Below
Copyright @thesidneyjewel / TikTok

Jewel can't believe she found these matching tie-dyed tube tops and maxi skirts with a slit.

Constantino adds that the material is "literally so soft." Of course, the real winner is that these sets are only $5 each.

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Workout sets

Purple and beige workout sets on the rack at Five Below
Copyright @thesidneyjewel / TikTok

"Hello, this set is adorable," says Jewel about these matching shorts and tops that would be perfect for a workout. "These are actually super thick, like they would not be see-through," she adds.

Graphic T-shirts

Graphic T-Shirts Five Below
Copyright @brookieeeeee5/TikTok

Graphic tees aren't new at Five Below, but they're always getting new styles. Brooke, another savvy shopper who goes by @brookieeeeee5 on TikTok, recently posted a video in which she highlighted some of the designs she found, including text shirts that say "respectfully don't care" and "selectively polite."

"I love getting my T-shirts at Five Below," she says while panning along the T-shirt wall.

Canvas shoes

Canvas Sneakers Five Below
Copyright @brookieeeeee5/TikTok

Brooke recently compared these canvas shoes to the Hey Dude brand, which sell for about $65.

"I've always wanted a pair, but didn't want to pay full price," she says. Therefore, she was thrilled when she spotted these dupes. "They fit really well, too," she says.

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Pink Bralette Five Below
Copyright @paigeconstantino/TikTok

Undergarments and workout apparel are typically on the pricier side, but during another trip to Five Below, Constantino finds bralettes for only $5.

While showing them in black, pink, and orange, she says they're "such a great material."

Sparkly tank tops

Sparkly Pink Tank Top Five Below
Copyright @paigeconstantino/TikTok

"Stop. This is so cute," says Constantino about the sparkly tank tops Five Below sells. She thinks these are perfect for a formal event and shows them in pink, gold, and silver.

Fuzzy tops

Fuzzy Tank Top Five Below
Copyright @paigeconstantino/TikTok

If sparkles aren't your thing, you might want to pick up one of these fuzzy tank tops instead. Constantino is a big fan and says they're "so cute and comfy."

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