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7 Secrets About Shopping at Five Below, According to Retail Experts

Experts share the best ways to save money, the best times to shop, and more.

With a larger selection than dollar stores and lower prices than Walmart or Target, Five Below is a favorite spot for budget-conscious shoppers. But whether you're just stopping in for some candy or you're planning to stock up on home decor, there are a few tricks of the trade that can help you save money and get the best selection. Keep reading to hear from retail experts about their best secrets for shopping at Five Below.

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The $5+ items might be some of the best deals.

inside five below store
Five Below

Even though Five Below is known for its signature prices of $5 or less, money-saving expert Andrea Woroch points out that they now have a section called Five Beyond with merchandise over $5.

However, Melissa Cid, consumer savings expert at MySavings.Com, says these might be some of the best deals in the store: "I've seen a $25 Mr. Coffee Maker as well as a $25 Robot Vacuum that is easily 50 percent less than similar products at other retailers."

If you're unsure if you're getting the best deal, Woroch suggests running a price comparison online before finalizing your purchases.

Shop the clearance section for seasonal items.

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While most of Five Below's merchandise costs between $1 and $5, you can save even more money by shopping in the clearance section, especially for seasonal items.

"For example, during its Valentine's Day promotions right now, shoppers can get Valentine-themed products starting from $1," says Andy Cooper, the financial analyst at CouponBirds.

"For Halloween, I picked up face paint and a wig my daughter needed for nearly 50 percent less than other stores," adds Woroch.

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Remember, not everything is a good deal.

Books and Games at Five Below

As tempting as it is to fill up a shopping cart, some things at Five Below aren't worth the money.

"Watch out for over-priced office supplies, beauty and hair products as well as candy," warns Cid. "A lot of the candy sold at Five Below can actually be found cheaper at grocery, drugstore, and dollar stores."

Use cash-back sites when shopping online.

Five Below Logo on Phone

Using a cash-back site can help you save money when shopping at Five Below online. "For example, through CouponCabin, you can earn 3 percent cash-back at," notes shopping expert Trae Bodge.

In addition to getting cash back, CouponCabin also has in-store coupons available "that you can scan at checkout using the CouponCabin app," says Bodge.

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Don't forget about email and social media.

Five Below on Phone

If you want to be in the know about Five Below, sign up for their email newsletter. "It often includes exclusive promotions, discounts, and details about product launches," says Bodge.

You can also check them out on social media, where they share coupon codes, according to Cooper. "You can use those coupons on clearance items to maximize savings," he says.

Find out the restocking schedule.

five below store
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Cid suggests talking to your local Five Below store manager to find out the days on which they receive truck deliveries since it varies by location. "If your store restocks in the evening, the following morning will be the best time to shop," she advises.

Buy online and ship it to the store.

Five Below Website
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Inventory is always changing at Five Below, and it's possible they won't have what you need in stock. "For this reason, you may find it better to shop online for exactly what you need," says Woroch.

But to avoid the flat shipping fee of $7.95, she suggests shipping your order to your local store and picking it up there instead.

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