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Shoppers Share 8 New Beauty Finds at Five Below: "These Are Amazing"

Check your local store for these designer dupes at bargain prices.

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Savvy shoppers have discovered that there are lots of ways to find the "look for less," especially when it comes to beauty supplies. Across social media, influencers have documented their hauls from Dollar Tree, showing off name-brand products and designer dupes that are often just as good as the real thing. While you might be partial to your local dollar store, those who are willing to spend just a bit more should check out the new beauty finds at Five Below.

"I feel like Five Below's beauty section is unmatched," TikToker Paige Constantino (@paigeconstantino says in a May 12 video. "If you're on a budget, run to Five Below. Even if you're not, they have such good options."

In a series of TikTok videos, shoppers reveal their latest discoveries, which you should check out at your local store. Read on for eight new beauty finds from Five Below.

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Electric Blackhead Extractor

electric blackhead remover
Copyright @beau.thi-ful / TikTok

In a May 14 video, TikToker @beau.thi.ful takes shoppers through her Five Below store, highlighting an Electric Blackhead Extractor in the beauty section. She is particularly intrigued because she'd purchased something similar on Amazon for $25.

According to Five Below's website, this particular blackhead extractor costs $5—a fraction of Amazon's price.

Solar Flare products

Copyright @beau.thi-ful / TikTok

Several shoppers have been seeking out beauty products from the Solar Flare brand, which many claim are dupes for Sol de Janeiro products.

While these items were sold out at other stores, TikToker Sofya (@_leaveitblankk) was able to secure Solar Flare body butter at her local Five Below.

"The first cream that I found was Pink Hibiscus Dragonfruit Body Butter, which is supposed to be a dupe for [Sol de Janeiro] No. 68," Sofya says in a May 15 video, commenting on how similar the packaging looks between Solar Flare and Sol de Janeiro.

She continues, "They also had a dupe for [Sol de Janeiro] No. 40, which was called Vanilla Plum Nectar."

In addition, Sofya says she found a shimmering body oil from the Solar Flare brand, which was again comparable to options from Sol de Janeiro.

In a follow-up video, Sofya tells her followers that the Vanilla Plum Nectar was a 10 out of 10 dupe, and she "could not tell the difference" between the Sol de Janeiro and the Solar Flare options. The Pink Hibiscus Dragonfruit was a little bit less impressive, as the Sol de Janeiro version had a stronger scent.

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Danielle Creations Ice Cooling Face Serum Sticks

cooling sticks from five below
Copyright @beau.thi.ful / TikTok

Also on the list of Five Below beauty musts are Danielle Creations Ice Cooling Face Serum Sticks.

"I feel like this is a dupe for something," @beau.thi.ful says. "Possibly an Elf dupe or a Milk dupe."

The TikTok shows off different Ice Cooling Face Sticks options, including cucumber, rosewater, and glacier water varieties.

Wet n Wild products

Copyright @beau.thi-ful / TikTok

While looking through the main beauty section at Five Below, Constantino says she noticed that the stores also sell well-known Wet n Wild products. She specifically points out a tinted hydrator as well as a foundation.

"This tinted hydrator is supposed to be really good," she says. "I definitely want to try this out."

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Real Technique sponges

real techniques beauty blenders
Copyright @paigeconstantino / TikTok

You know how important a beauty blender is if you regularly do your makeup. So, why not stock up on affordable options from Five Below?

"Since when do they have Real Techniques sponges? These are amazing for blending out your makeup," Constantino says, also picking up a biodegradable beauty blender from EcoTools.

Clean Beauty products

clean beauty eyeshadow palette
Copyright @paigeconstantino / TikTok

There are several items from the Clean Beauty line at Five Below that Constantino recommends snagging, whether you're shopping for new makeup for yourself or need a reliable gift. Even better, she says the products are of impressive quality at a competitive price.

"This whole company is called Clean Beauty," Constantino says. "[Products are] talc-free and 100 percent vegan—that's crazy. For this low of a price, that's like unheard of."

She recommends trying different makeup palettes, false eyelashes, and eyeliners from this brand.

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Press-on nails

five below press on nails
Copyright @paigeconstantino / TikTok

Getting a manicure can be pricey these days, which means some of us are doing our nails at home. According to Constantino, you can get some solid press-on options from your local Five Below.

"If you're looking for a variety of press-ons, they've got you covered," she says. "These are all so adorable."


five below perfumes
Copyright @paigeconstantino / TikTok

Perfume is yet another beauty staple that can break the bank. But if you want to try different scents without the hefty price tag, Five Below is a go-to destination.

"They have so many good options, and most of them mimic high-end perfume for not even a fraction of the price," Constantino concludes.

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