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Dollar Tree Shoppers Are "Obsessed" With These 7 Brand-Name Beauty Dupes for $1.25

If you're trying to save, you don't have to shell out on the official options.

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When shopping for beauty products, it's easy to get overwhelmed by the number of options. So, it's a relief when you find something you like and can see yourself using every day. But very often, these reliable makeup and skincare products come with price tags high enough to trigger sticker shock. Luckily, shoppers on TikTok say that if you head to your local dollar store, there's a good chance you'll find dupes for your favorite brands. Read on for the seven brand-name beauty dupes they're "obsessed" with from Dollar Tree—and that cost just $1.25.

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L'Oréal and Olay Skincare Dupes


In an April 20 TikTok video, budget shopper Rachel (@rachelxburrows) ran through her latest Dollar Tree beauty dupe finds, the first being the Essentially Ageless Skincare line. According to Rachel, there's a cleanser, moisturizer, and nighttime moisturizer, all of which give "total L'Oréal or Olay skincare vibes."

Both Olay's and L'Oréal's skincare products are much more expensive. A cleanser from L'Oréal costs $12.99, while its moisturizers range from $10 to roughly $40. Olay moisturizers go for roughly $30.

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Dupes

la colors eyeshadow
Copyright @rachelxburrows / TikTok

Rachel also points to the L.A. Colors Iced Pigment Powder eyeshadows as another dupe. This time, it's for Urban Decay eyeshadows, which retail for around $22.

"Now, if you wanna talk good eyeshadow pigments, the L.A. Colors ones—oh, my gosh—they give total Urban Decay vibes, in my opinion," she says.

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NYX Matte Finish Setting Spray Dupe

setting spray at dollar tree
Copyright @rachelxburrows / TikTok

While the NYX brand is known for being relatively affordable (their makeup setting spray is just $10), you can still find cheaper dupes at Dollar Tree.

"For my oily skin friends out there, if you like the NYX Matte Setting Spray, this matte-finish setting spray from this brand is a total dupe," Rachel says, referencing the Le Mercerie Matte Finish Setting Spray.

Freck Beauty Dupe

freckle pen dollar tree
Copyright @rachelxburrows / TikTok

The faux freckle trend really took the internet by storm, with Freck Beauty selling a freckle pen to apply your own. While the official Freck pen goes for $22 online, Dollar Tree's B-Color brand has a dupe that you can get for just $1.25.

"We've got a Freck pen dupe," Rachel says. "This does come in two shades, there is a dark brown and a light brown. I personally prefer the lighter one for a more natural look."

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Touchland Hand Sanitizer Mist Dupe


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Lately, shoppers have been particularly wild about dupes of the Touchland Hand Sanitizer Mist. The name-brand mists retail for $10 each, but the options at Dollar Tree are a fraction of the price.

In an April 27 video, TikToker @marissainthemidwest showed off the B-Pure hand sanitizers from Dollar Tree, calling them her "favorite Dollar Tree dupe find yet."

"These cute little hand sanitizers are total dupes for the Touchland hand sanitizers," she says. "I always thought the packaging on those was super cute, but like, I'm not gonna pay—I think it's like $10, $8.50 on sale—I'm not paying that for hand sanitizer."

The TikToker also notes that the B-Pure hand sanitizers are cheaper than options at Bath & Body Works.

"It's literally a win-win—and I'm just, like, obsessed with this packaging; it fits perfectly in my little console," she says. "I got cucumber mint, as well as watermelon. I like both, but I do think that I like the watermelon a little bit better. This one's delicious."

She concludes, "If you find these, go get them."

Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Crush Cheirosa 62 Perfume Mist Dupe


In an April 1 TikTok video, Rachel also identified a Dollar Tree dupe for the $38 Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Crush Cheirosa 62 Perfume Mist.

Stitching Rachel's video, @marissainthemidwest tested the spray, confirming that the Power Stick Brazilian Mist Body Spray is a dupe for the pricey name-brand perfume mist, in her opinion.

"That is a dupe," the TikToker said after smelling both body sprays. "Y'all, I'm telling you to not walk, but run, run to the Dollar Tree [and] go snag this because this is quite literally a dupe for Sol de Janeiro No. 62."

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Not Your Mother's Sea Salt Spray Dupe

sea salt spray at dollar tree
Copyright @rachelxburrows / TikTok

Wrapping up her April 20 video, Rachel also highlights the Pro Silk Salon Spray-In Sea Salt Spray For Hair as a dupe for the Not Your Mother's Sea Salt Spray, which retails for $7.

"This sea salt spray reminds me of the Not Your Mother's…It's really good," she says.

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