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18 Dollar Tree Summer Finds to "Grab Now" for $1.25, Shoppers Say

From lawn flamingos to margarita glasses, these seasonal items are going to go fast.

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Once you throw open the windows and swap your boots for flip-flops, it's almost inevitable that the shopping bug will bite you. Maybe your outdoor planters are worse for wear after the winter months, or perhaps you're just tired of your same old decor. And let's not forget about all the entertaining that warm weather ushers in. Do you have enough plastic wine glasses and plates? You'll definitely need some on-theme party decorations for that barbecue you're hosting, too. But this can all get expensive—which is where the dollar store comes in. Frequent Dollar Tree shoppers have taken to social media to share the best summer finds you have to "grab now" for just $1.25. Read on to get your shopping list ready.

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Wearable fruit water bottles

Strawberry water bottle at Dollar Tree
Copyright @everydayshortcuts / TikTok

Nearly all the TikTok videos about Dollar Tree's summer selections include these water bottles shaped like strawberries, lemons, and watermelons.

"So cute, and they go around your neck," shares shopper Alison McFadden (@everydayshortcuts).

They're great for keeping kids hydrated on hot days or for parents who want to sit outside with an adult beverage.

Popsicle canteens

Colorful popsicle canteens at Dollar Tree
Copyright @raeeeeee26 / TikTok

Just as popular as the fruit water bottles are these popsicle canteens, which also make a great summer accessory for children and adults alike.

"I found my summer cup, y'all," wrote @raeeeeee26 in a TikTok video. "Run to your nearest @Dollar Tree and tell me if you score," she added in the caption.

Lawn flamingos

Lawn flamingos at Dollar Tree
Copyright @teressahh_m / TikTok

Retro-kitsch is in, and what better way to get the look than with a classic lawn flamingo? Shopper @teressahh_m spotted them at Dollar Tree, among other "luau party" items.

Pink palm tree string lights

Shopper holding up pink palm tree string lights at Dollar Tree
Copyright @valleyof_thegolden / TikTok

How sweet would these pink palm tree string lights, which @valleyof_thegolden showed in a video, look in a little girl's bedroom?

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Summertime gnomes

Summer gnomes at Dollar Tree
Copyright @DollarTree / TikTok

Come Christmas time, decorative stuffed gnomes will be on every store's shelves. But if you want to bring in some of that whimsical decor in this summer, snag Dollar Tree's adorable warm-weather gnomes, which the store shared on its own TikTok page.

Pineapple and palm tree cups

Palm tree and pineapple shaped water bottles at Dollar Tree
Copyright @teressahh_m / TikTok

Ditch the disposable plastic cups and make your backyard barbecue feel like an island getaway with these fun pineapple and palm tree cups—they even light up! Shopper @beau.thi.ful found them at her local store in both pink and blue, as did @teressahh_m.

Silicone ice cube trays

Colorful silicone ice cube trays at Dollar Tree
Copyright @spill_it_mom / TikTok

Not only do silicone ice cube trays make it easier to pop out ice when you need it, but these summer-themed versions from Dollar Tree actually make ice in matching shapes. At her local Dollar Tree, shopper @spill_it_mom found them in flamingo, seashell, and pineapple shapes.

Margarita and wine cups

Shopper holding plastic margarita cups in Dollar Tree
Copyright @beau.thi.ful / TikTok

Blending up some frozen cocktails for your summer soiree? Then you'll need these plastic margarita and wine cups.

"These are so cute," says @beau.thi.ful. "They have them in so many different colors."

LED paper lanterns

Display of paper lanterns at Dollar Tree
Copyright @paigeconstantino / TikTok

Whether you want to string them up for a party or add them to your bedroom for a little seasonal flair, these paper lanterns certainly look like they'd cost more than $1.25.

"These would be so…cute to hang around your yard," says shopping expert Paige Constantino (@paigeconstantino).

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Flamingo drink stirrers

Flamingo drink stirrers at Dollar Tree
Copyright @seasonally_crafty / TikTok

No summer cocktail setup would be complete without fun drink stirrers, and Dollar Tree has plenty of options.

In a TikTok video where she shared the Dollar Tree "summer finds to grab now," @seasonally_crafty highlighted these flamingo options. She also spotted lime green palm tree stirrers.

Fruit drink markers

Fruit-shaped drink markers at Dollar Tree
Copyright @keri_spill / TikTok

"If you do throw a summer-themed party, these little drink markers are a great idea so people don't get their drinks mixed up," said Keri Spill (@keri_spill) in a TikTok video.

Flip flop serving trays

Flip flop serving trays at Dollar Tree
Copyright @everydayshortcuts / TikTok

And, of course, you can't have cocktails without something to nibble on! Shoppers are loving these flip-flop serving trays, which McFadden notes Dollar Tree brought back from last year.

They'd be great for chips and dip since they have separate sections.

Fruit-shaped serving platters

Watermelon and pineapple shaped serving trays at Dollar Tree
Copyright @kimberlymichbeauty / TikTok

For your other serving needs, Dollar Tree also has a selection of fruit-shaped serving platters and bowls, "with lots of them to choose from," notes McFadden.

Shopper @kimberlymichbeauty also showed these items in a recent TikTok video featuring the watermelon, lime, and pineapple versions.

Party banners

Display of summer party banners at Dollar Tree
Copyright @seasonally_crafty / TikTok

From flamingos and hibiscus flowers to phrases like "sweet summer," Dollar Tree has no shortage of party banner options, as @seasonally_crafty shows in her video.

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Wooden wall decor

Summer themed wooden wall signs at Dollar Tree
Copyright @kimberlymichbeauty / TikTok

For some more permanent summertime decor, Dollar Tree also has a variety of wooden wall signs, which @kimberlymichbeauty shared.


Display of leis at Dollar Tree
Copyright @valleyof_thegolden / TikTok

If you're throwing a party with a luau theme, Dollar Tree has you covered with lei options, as @valleyof_thegolden shared. These would also be perfect for summer craft projects.

Color-changing tumblers

color-changing water bottles at dollar tree
Copyright @everydayshortcuts / TikTok

McFadden was also excited that Dollar Tree brought back these color-changing tumblers, which she says are a Starbucks dupe. She found them in purple, teal blue, pink, and orange.

Swimsuit sacks

Display of swimsuit sacks hanging at Dollar Tree
Copyright @shoppingretailwithdee / TikTok

These swimsuit sacks are part of the Dollar Tree Plus section, so they'll cost you $5, as @shoppingretailwithdee pointed out in a TikTok video. However, if you're a regular at the beach or the pool, they might be worth the higher price to stop your bathing suit from getting everything else in your bag wet.

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