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Dollar Tree Shoppers Recommend 7 New Garden Items: "You Can't Beat $1.25"

Consumers are showing off their cheaper finds for this spring season.

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With spring finally here, it's time to get back in the garden. But doing up and maintaining your yard can cost a pretty penny with all the supplies you'll need—that's unless you know where to shop, of course. Recently, Dollar Tree shoppers have taken to social media to share some of the incredible things they've scored from the retailer this spring. Read on to find out which seven new garden items "you can't beat" for Dollar Tree's amazing $1.25 price tag.

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Planters and pots


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On Feb. 12, DIY YouTuber Araceli Chan posted a video to her TikTok account @aracelichandiy encouraging her followers to head to the popular discount chain for their garden needs.

"You guys really have to go and check out Dollar Tree's planter section," she said. "Over the years, their planter selection has really expanded."

Pots can be extremely expensive, but "whether you want something small or a little bit bigger, guaranteed you're gonna find it here," Chan added. "And honestly? You can't really beat $1.25 for something like this."

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Seed packets


If you want something fun and easy this year, plant some zinnias! They love full sun and they bounce back from drought pretty easily if youre a forgetful waterer like i am 😅 #flowers #dollartree #garden #gardenhaul #dollartreehaul

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Model and influencer Georgia Rose also shared her spring garden haul from Dollar Tree in a Feb. 19 video on her TikTok account @georgiarosecurves. In the video, Rose showed off several seed packets she bought from the retailer, noting that they were just $1 for four packets.

"[The price] is crazy," she said. "I can't wait to plant these zinnias, the petunias, and the marigolds."

Flower pods

still from TikTok video showing new Dollar Tree flower pods
Copyright @georgiarosecurves / TikTok

Rose wasn't just interested in the seed packets, however. In her video, she highlighted a product she picked up from Dollar Tree called Flower Rocket.

"I wanted to show you these really cool flower pod packs they had," she said, showing off four different versions of the product that she purchased: Zinnia Mix, Fragrance Bouquet, Painted Daisy, and Butterfly/Hummingbird.

The boxes for the Flower Rocket pods claim they contain over 500 seeds to produce countless flowers. "I'm curious to see how these are gonna work but basically they have this little like roll of seeds, and you put it in the dirt and seed starter mix and you get flowers," Rose explained. "I'm really excited to maybe have some fresh flowers in the house this year."



Protecting your garden is just as important as growing it. But you don't have to spend hundreds to keep things secure. In a Feb. 26 video, gardener Sheronda took to her TikTok account @iamsheronda to discuss her favorite items at Dollar Tree this year.

While shopping for this spring season, Sheronda stopped by a small section of fencing strips that she said she used last year to make a garden bed. "And it's still holding up a year later," she shared.

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Plant saucers

still from TikTok video showing new Dollar Tree plant saucers
Copyright @iamsheronda / TIKTok

Sheronda also made sure to tell shoppers about the plant saucers at Dollar Tree, which she called "such a good deal" when compared to other retailers.

"Because if you buy them at Lowe's or somewhere, they're going to cost you a lot more than $1.25," she pointed out.

Knee pads


If you want to protect your knees while you're bent down working in the weeds, Dollar Tree has what you need. Gardener Kylie posted a video to her TikTok account @kyliesgarden on Feb. 18, telling her followers she was "pleasantly surprised" by the retailer's gardening supplies.

One of the items she was most excited about was the gardening knee pads. While they do appear to be part of the Dollar Tree Plus section and priced at $5, this is likely still cheaper than what you'll find elsewhere and "not too shabby if you're on a budget," Kylie wrote in the caption of her TikTok.



I'm normally anti-haul but for gardening, I'll make an exception. Things shown: *Bell cloche- humidity dome *Plant Hanger- metal plant support hanger *Plant Clips- for training and structural support *Stackable 3 tier planter- comes in 3 sizes and 3 colors green, grey and terracotta orange. *wastebasket- for in ground composting or plant protection from squirrels and birds *container variety seeds *ranunculus corms *freesia bulbs This trip was eventful and I even got chastised by an employee for not scanning my items one by one ☝️ (I've recently learned that I have the PDA profile of autism and this lady got to experience it first hand🫣) I've also just gotten off my antidepressants so going out in public has been hella hard. 😅 Anyways, how to grow a dollar tree herb garden on the way 🫶🏼 #gardening #neurodivergentgardener #dollartreegardening #dollartree #dollartreefinds #gardeninghaul #plantmorefood #plantyourownfood #shakeitoff

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On March 8, a shopper named Amber posted a video to her TikTok @karasumoon showing her gardening favorites from the store. Among her purchases were wastebaskets, which she explains she uses for "ground composting."

"All my kitchen scraps will get put into it with composting worms to feed my raised beds all year long," she said.

In the caption of her video, Amber added that the wastebaskets from Dollar Tree can also be used as "plant protection from squirrels and birds."

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