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14 Best Dollar Tree Cleaning Products, Shoppers Say

Don't spend your hard-earned cash on an overpriced duster.

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If there's one thing we can all agree on, it's that there are much more exciting things to spend money on than cleaning supplies. No matter how much peace it brings you to scrub the floors spotless and make sure your kitchen sink sparkles, that money could also be allocated toward meals, hobbies, and other fun treats. So, we flock to Dollar Tree. At this budget retailer, almost everything, save for a few niche items, costs $1.25. And according to shopping pros, there are lots of deals to be found in the cleaning aisle. Keep reading to see what the experts—including one cleaning professional!—are adding to their carts.

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Lysol Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner

lysol toilet cleaner
Copyright @mhouser12 / TikTok

Cleaning the toilet can be a thankless task, but a clip-on cleaner makes things easier. In a recent TikTok video, Melissa Houser (@mhouser12) said these from Lysol were a game-changer. "Immediately, yes," she says. "You put these on the side of your toilet, and they smell good for at least a week."

Scrubbing Brush

scrubbing brush broom dollar tree
Copyright @cleaneazzy / TikTok

Remember to think outside the box when shopping at Dollar Tree. TikTok user @cleaneazzy shared a video in which she stumbled upon this broom that she plans to use as a scrubbing brush. "Technically, it's supposed to be a broom, but look at how soft these bristles are," she says. "If you grab the handle, this would be perfect for cleaning large shower stalls and tubs."

Scrub Buddies Wet Sweeper Wipes

swiffer cleaner dollar tree
Copyright @mhouser12 / TikTok

Swiffer supplies get pricy fast, but fortunately, Dollar Tree has an alternative. "These wet cloths for their Swiffer dupes are great," says Houser. As long as they fit on the mop, any wipe will do!

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duster dollar tree
Copyright @mhouser12 / TikTok

"These dusters are also great," says Houser. You can use them on a range of surfaces and toss them when they get grimy.

Brillo Basics Dish Spray

brillo dish spray
Copyright @mhouser12 / TikTok

Houser says this Brillo dish spray is her secret weapon: "If you know, you know—this is amazing," she says. "You just spray it on your dishes, and it's a strong fresh scent."

Toilet Bowl Cleaner Packs

toilet bowl cleaner dollar tree
Copyright @mhouser12 / TikTok

This is another product that takes the dirty work out of cleaning the bathroom. Houser calls them a must-grab. "You put them in your toilet, they dissolve, and they leave your toilet fresh and clean, and they help with staining," she says.

Dawn Antibacterial Dish Soap

dawn dish soap
Copyright @mhouser12 / TikTok

Even the name-brand dish soap at Dollar Tree costs just $1.25, so keep your eyes peeled. "This scent of the Dawn smells literally amazing," says Houser.

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LA's Totally Awesome Window Clean

window cleaner dollar tree
Copyright @mhouser12 / TikTok

Window cleaner doesn't need to be name-brand. "Immediately, yes," says Houser. "The LA's Totally Awesome brand of Windex is so good."

Love My Carpet Carpet Cleaner

carpet spray dollar tree
Copyright @mhouser12 / TikTok

Houser says she relied on this cleaner when she used to have carpet in her home. "It worked really good," she says. Just spray it down and vacuum it up.

Scrub Free Glass Cleaner

scrub free shower spray
Copyright @mhouser12 / TikTok

"This scrub-free glass stuff is amazing," says Houser. Pair it with the LA's Totally Awesome glass cleaner for sparkling surfaces.

Good & Clean Disinfectant Wipes

Copyright @mhouser12 / TikTok

"Don't sleep on the Lysol brand of wipes," says Houser. "They work really good and smell good also." They're perfect to keep on hand for any spills or countertop wipe-downs.

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fabuloso dollar tree
Copyright @loniceraliving / TikTok

In a recent TikTok video, professional cleaner Amanda (@loniceraliving) shared that there are a few cleaning products she always buys at Dollar Tree. Fabuloso is one of them. There were several scents available at her store, and you can use the multi-purpose cleaner on everything from appliances to toilets, floors, and walls.

Rubber Broom

rubber broom dollar tree
Copyright @cleaneazzy / TikTok

Use this to pick up fur and hair without a vacuum. "This rubber broom was hiding between all the other broom brushes," says TikTok user @cleaneazzy in a recent video. "This is going to be perfect for my carpeted staircase—I have a large black lab that sheds like crazy."

LA's Totally Awesome Cleaner

cleaning solution dollar tree
Copyright @cleaneazzy / TikTok

"This stuff is amazing, and if you haven't tried it, now's your time," says @cleaneazzy. "They also had the larger refill bottles." You can use this product as a multipurpose cleaner, similar to Fabuloso.

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