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7 Best Dollar Tree Home Finds That Are Great for Extra Storage

These are the home hacks you need to get organized this spring, according to a shopping expert.

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Winter is over, and you know what that means: It's time to throw open your windows, scrub some surfaces, and curb the clutter in the name of spring cleaning. To make this mammoth task a little more manageable, it's also a good idea to invest in the organizational tools that will set you up for success. However, you don't have to spend big to make a big impact. Emma Villaneda, an organizing expert and crafting content creator, says there are plenty of great organizational steals for just $1.25 at Dollar Tree—and she just shared her seven favorite finds at the discount store and showed off some very creative ways to use these items around your home.

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Clear removable hooks

Clear hooks being used to organize appliance cords
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The first item on Villaneda's list is clear, removable hooks, which she says you can use for clever cord storage.

"These are my favorite to put on the backs of your appliances for cord organization," she says in her first post, while attaching two of them to an Instant Pot. "I love that they are completely removable and also provide a seamless storage option for your cords."

She says her other favorite place to use these hooks is on the side of the bed frame or nightstand. "This gives you a low profile storage option for your chargers so you no longer have to feel around on the floor for them in the dark," she notes.

Drawer organizers

Five blue drawer organizers
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Next, Villaneda recommends picking up these drawer organizers, which can hold all your loose odds and ends.

"I was so surprised to see these. They come in a five pack and I found three different colors," she says. "I opted for the four smaller compartments and secured them down in the drawers using adhesive dots," she says, filling them with hair ties and other knick knacks.

"You could honestly use this five pack for any drawer storage but I love it for nightstands," she says.

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Over-the-door hangers

Copyright @thecraftstudioco / TikTok

Villaneda also purchased some over-the-door hangers with double hooks, which she described as her "favorite product" of her Dollar Tree haul. "I of course use these for normal drop zone areas, but I wanted to use them in my pantry," she explains.

"You can also put them in a closet—this works perfectly for utility items," she continues. "I added spray bottles, a step stool, a broom, you could add a mop, and because they are so low profile, they are perfectly hidden behind a door."

Transparent storage boxes

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When you're organizing your home, storage boxes are essential for obvious reasons. "These transparent storage boxes not only lock but they can be easily stacked and are the perfect size," she says of the ones she found at Dollar Tree.

In a second video post, she says you can use smaller transparent storage boxes advertised for holding index cards to organize kitchen items such as tea bags. "They're exactly the perfect size and I love that you can see inside," she says.

Stackable bins

Stackable white bins
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Villaneda also found some versatile and stackable storage bins in the Dollar Tree Plus section. In the video, she demonstrates throughout her own home how they can be used to store just about anything.

"The handles slide in if you want to stack them. I at first thought these would be amazing in the bottom of your pantry for extra storage, but then I thought, wait! Toy storage also, in closet storage—I think they're amazing," she says.

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Magnetic locker boxes

Hand holding magnetic box in store
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The organization pro also snagged some magnetic locker boxes, and affixed them to her refrigerator.

"These would be awesome for extra storage," she says, filling them with straws and children's cutlery for easy access. She also recommends using them to store markers for your dry erase calendar.

Car hooks

Woman's hand holding car hooks in store
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Finally, Villaneda says that car hooks are another must-have item when you want to organize your life (or at least your ride).

"I went and tested them out right away—anything to get car stuff off the floor. You could put anything on here. I was thinking hats, keys, purses, water bottles, backpacks. I love these things!" she says.

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