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Joanna Gaines Reveals Her 5 Best Spring Cleaning Secrets

The HGTV star has some simple tips for making your home look as good as new.

The first sign of the return of warmer weather and brighter days can often be all the motivation you need to tackle spring cleaning. But even if you're good about regularly keeping your home nice and tidy, doing a deeper clean can still be a daunting task to undertake without the proper preparation. Fortunately, Joanna Gaines has some spring cleaning secrets that can help you get off on the right foot. Read on for the HGTV star's must-see advice.

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Pick a playlist that will keep you motivated.

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Getting started on chores is hard enough without the right tunes to keep you going. That's why Gaines suggests picking a bunch of your favorite songs that will keep you pushing through your chores by "getting [you] in the zone," TipHero reports.

If you're stuck on what to listen to, try searching for a premade playlist that can help push your productivity. And if all else fails, you can use it as an excuse to listen to a brand-new album you've been meaning to check out.

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Be prepared to ditch items and declutter.

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A big part of any tidying-up project involves plenty of scrubbing and dusting. But while sanitizing and disinfecting are essential, cleanliness can also come down to ditching clutter.

"This spring cleaning is a perfect opportunity to rid your home of the 'stuff' you can live without," Gaines says, per TipHero. "I can't stress this enough—your whole family will feel the benefits of rooms and spaces that can breathe.

To do this, she suggests picking up five trash bags before cleaning even begins and filling them with items your family no longer needs. "If you don't love it, toss it. Trash anything that is broken and serves no purpose and donate items to local shelters, and you'll feel much better before you even start," she suggests.

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Make a checklist to get organized.

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A top-to-bottom project like spring cleaning can sometimes be so daunting that it's easy to lose track of what needs to get done. To help stay on track, Gaines suggests using a checklist to organize your tasks, per Today.

In her own list, Gaines maps out some potentially overlooked basic tasks that homeowners might want to consider. This includes wiping down baseboards, cleaning the microwave, vacuuming furniture, flipping your mattress, and washing your toothbrush holder, among other chores.

And it's not just about remembering what you've got to get done: Setting up a checklist can also make it easier for you to delegate parts of the cleaning to others or even help you break it up across different days.

Pick the right day to tackle the project.

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Even if it's your top priority, it can be hard to fit cleaning into an already busy schedule. That's why Gaines suggests marking it off on your calendar for a day that will allow you to really tackle the big job of tidying up.

"There's no better feeling than coming home to a clean house—which is my motivation for my annual deep clean," says Gaines, per House Digest. "I usually plan this for a weekend day when I know nothing is going on, and I'll have the whole day to clean and organize top to bottom."

Treat yourself for a job well done.

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Getting on top of spring cleaning can take a lot of energy and motivation. However, according to Gaines, one of the most essential parts of the cleanup comes after all the supplies are put away.

"Reward yourself when you finish," she recommends, per House Digest. "For me, that's eating a chocolate cupcake, laying in the hammock, and just relaxing for an hour or so. Go ahead and treat yourself! You've done a good thing, and your whole family is going to benefit from this."

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