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Property Brothers Warn Against 4 Popular Home Trends "You Need to Stop"

The HGTV stars are speaking out about the fads they don't want you following.

Some people assume they have to follow all the latest design trends to keep their homes looking up to snuff. But just because something is popular doesn't mean it'll work well for your space. In a  Jan. 12 interview for Good Housekeeping's Instagram, Property Brothers stars Drew and Jonathan Scott opened up about the design fads they want to "de-influence" homeowners from following. Read on to discover four popular home trends they say "you need to stop doing."

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Epoxy countertops

Creating a resin product

Applying epoxy to cheaper countertops could seem like a good way to get that luxurious glossy look for less. But according to the Property Brothers, this is trend that often only looks good temporarily.

"Don't epoxy your counters," Jonathan advised. "It doesn't last, and it starts to look even worse when it peels aways."

"Don't do it. It really doesn't work," Drew added.

In a Dec. 2022 episode of their show, the Property Brothers recommended a quartz countertop, and suggested a matte finish instead of something shiny.

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Non-functional mirrors

patina mirror design in home

Don't make the "look" of mirrors in your house more important than their functionality either, the HGTV stars urged. According to Drew, fancy mirrors like patina mirrors, or those with an aged look to them, don't belong in certain rooms in particular.

"Stop doing that for the mirrors that you use in your bathroom, that is not meant for there," he explained. "It's meant for a decorative wall, but not the mirror you need to use every day."

Of course, mirrors can be functional and serve a design purpose. House Digest reports that the Property Brothers' app suggests using mirrors to make your space appear larger.

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DIY projects

man in glovers using pliers working with electrical wires

The twins also want people to stop trying to tackle complicated DIY projects, like wiring or plumbing. "Why are you DIY-ing to save money when, in the end, it's actually going to cost you money?" Drew asked.

"Invest in permanent solutions," Jonathan added in agreement.

Barn doors

barn door in home

If you ask the Property Brothers, "barn doors have been kind of overdone" as a trend, especially if you use them for things like your bathroom.

"There's new hardware now that actually looks even better," Jonathan said. "Barn doors are perfect for certain solutions, but not for every solution."

Per, a Jan. 2020 episode of Property Brothers did have Drew and Jonathan using a barn door to close off a bike room, but they clearly don't consider it a one-size-fits-all fix.

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