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Shoppers Reveal the 8 "Best Bargains" at Dollar Tree: "Top-Notch Stuff"

You might not even know the store sells these things.

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If you have a Dollar Tree nearby, then you know how fun it can be to peruse its aisles. The retailer has a little bit of everything, from food and cleaning supplies to craft products and decor. If you don't go in with a list, you might come out with a collection of knick-knacks—some of which might be useless or, shockingly, even cheaper at spots like Costco, Walmart, and Amazon. But if you do your research, you can snag some great deals. Ahead, see the best tips from frugal shoppers on Reddit for finding the greatest bargains at Dollar Tree. At $1.25 per item, you can't beat the price.

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stack of books
Morakod1977 / Shutterstock

Frequent readers know that a hardcover book could set you back $30 these days—and it's not all that cheaper on Kindle, where e-copies go for about $12. But at Dollar Tree, everything is $1.25.

"I was able to find some top-notch stuff when it came to cookbooks in particular," wrote one commenter on the Reddit thread. "I actually bought Saveur's The Way We Cook from a Dollar Tree—if you look it up online, even Amazon, it's selling for a $26 range."

On a similar note, another commenter mentioned the store's activity books. "Coloring books are worth it, especially if you're purchasing for an amateur or child," they wrote. Since these products don't need to hold up for long periods of time, it's OK if the quality is a little bit lower.


Gnocchi with Crispy Pancetta, Sun dried Tomatoes, Spinach and Parmesan Cheese in a Brown Butter Sauce
iStock / LauriPatterson

You may not think of Dollar Tree for gourmet food items, but according to shoppers, their gnocchi is excellent.

"They're the only place around here that sells the shelf stable ones for a decent price," said one savvy shopper who shared that they use it to make "Chicken Gnocchi Olive Garden copycat soup."

Another Redditor claimed that the gnocchi is actually made in Italy!

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child's hand picking up small toys off the floor, skills parents should teach kids
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Don't stick your nose up at some of Dollar Tree's dupes, especially the imitation Legos.

"I've bought my kid so many of their light-up kits, and she loves them," wrote one Redditor. "It's $1.25 for 60 plus pieces, and usually the same type of kit is $20 or more [at Lego] because of branding."

The commenter said they buy the toys in bulk and use them to reward their kid for good behavior. "They hurt just as much to step on, though. Can't buy my way out of that," they joke.

Others love the craft supplies for children. "The craft aisle seems to be getting better all the time," said one shopper.

"Construction paper, stickers, flash cards, workbooks for my kids is just great from the dollar store," said a fellow Dollar Tree fan.

You may even consider picking up some toys for your fur babies. "Cat toys will never last forever, but the ribbon quality or feathers is the exact same [at Dollar Tree]," said another Redditor.

Reading glasses


Unless you have a unique prescription, the $1.25 reading glasses from Dollar Tree are totally fine.

"Keep multiple ones in bright colors scattered all over the house and in the car," wrote one shopper on Reddit. "I am old and never had to wear glasses before. Keeping them on my person is a pain."

Another commenter said they got a professional's stamp of approval on the product: "My ophthalmologist said dollar store readers are just fine. No need to pay more for them."

And to round things out, one more shopper said they also like to buy "eye glass cleaner and those microfiber glasses cloths," from Dollar Tree.

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tube of crest toothpaste and box
Oleg Golovnev/Shutterstock

It can seem like personal care basics inch up in price every year—but not at Dollar Tree. And when it's a name-brand product, you don't have to worry about differences in quality.

"[I buy] Crest & Colgate toothpaste in the bottle not the tube," wrote one person. "Also I will buy quite a few to donate for charity during Christmas time. It's over $3 in the stores per bottle."

Other Redditors added that they like the multi-packs of toothbrushes from Dollar Tree.

Aluminum foil

dish washing hacks

The cost of this pantry staple adds up fast, especially if you go through a lot of it.

"My wife likes to wrap her sandwiches in tin foil, so the pre-cut sheets for $1.25 are my go-to's," wrote one Redditor. "I know, I know, use a reusable container. Had that fight—easier to buy the foil sheets."

If foil's not your thing, "The plastic wrap is pretty good," said another Shopper.

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pink, white, and gray balloons party decorations
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Throwing a party and don't feel like blowing up balloons? Head to Dollar Tree, where several Redditors said they love to pick up mylar balloons.

"Helium filled balloons!" exclaimed one shopper. "$1.50 at mine, but that is still a steal compared to some big box stores."

Greeting cards and gift wrap


Finally, one of the best deals at Dollar Tree costs less than a dollar!

"Their greeting cards are only fifty cents. That's what I love," said one commenter, while a fellow shopper shared, "My hack is buying the multipack of Hallmark blank cards."

"That and the gift bags and tissue paper!" another added. "Gift bags- always!!!" agreed yet another Redditor.

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