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Shopping Expert Shares 10 New Dollar Tree Beauty Finds: "Hit the Name Brand Jackpot"

Your local store probably has similar products!

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One thing we love about the internet is how easy it is to share things with other people—especially when those things include affordable products that hold up to high standards! On TikTok, there's a thriving community of shopping experts who dole out their favorite items at Dollar Tree, and sometimes, beauty products are involved. In a recent video, TikTok user Rachel Burrows (@rachelxburrows) shared her latest haul, noting that she "hit the name-brand jackpot" with these $1.25 items. Keep reading to see what she found—and what you might be able to pick up at your local store too!

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BioMiracle Face Mask

BioMiracle Face Mask
Copyright @rachelxburrows / TikTok

It's always fun to pick up a face mask for your next self-care day.

"Dollar Tree keeps putting out new face masks—I have so many to try, but we'll try this one as well," said Burrows.

As she flipped through the rest of the stack, she found masks with different ingredients for a range of skincare concerns, like an exfoliating and brightening mask with a chocolate scent, a purifying and hydrating mask with a cupcake scent, and a cooling and refreshing mask in peppermint.

Helios Gel Effect Press-On Nails in Pink

Copyright @rachelxburrows / TikTok

Before your next special occasion, visit Dollar Tree for some beauty accessories.

"We've got a new nail brand—these press-ons are gorgeous," said Burrows.

Each Helios set comes with 24 nails, adhesive tabs, and glue. On the Helios website, they sell for $9.99, which makes the $1.25 price point at Dollar Tree a total steal.

Helios Gel Effect Press-On Nails in Burgundy

Copyright @rachelxburrows / TikTok

Burrows found another set of Helios press-ons in deep burgundy with glitter for a bold or more seasonal look. It's always good to have options!

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EcoTools Bioblender Biodegradable Cleansing Sponge

EcoTools Bioblender Biodegradable Cleansing Sponge
Copyright @rachelxburrows / TikTok

"OK, EcoTools jackpot," exclaimed Burrows. "Gimme!"

This body care tool comes in a sponge and mitt format. Use it to apply your body products for maximum cleansing and exfoliation—it'll disintegrate as you use it, so there's zero waste.

Real Techniques Skincare Sponge

Real Techniques Skincare Sponge
Copyright @rachelxburrows / TikTok

You've heard of makeup sponges, but have you seen a skincare sponge? Dollar Tree has them! "We'll try these, too," said Burrows.

To use this one from Real Techniques, simply apply your toner to it and use the sponge to massage it into your skin. The massager boosts circulation and allows the skin to absorb the product better.

Queen V Cleansing Bar

Copyright @rachelxburrows / TikTok

"Queen V is back at Dollar Tree with the cleansing bar this time," said Burrows. The feminine cleansing soap comes in a yummy wild berry scent.

Real Techniques Miracle Mixing Sponge

Real Techniques Mixing Sponge
Copyright @rachelxburrows / TikTok

"I was hoping my store was going to get these sponges," said Burrows, as she scooped a few of the foundation applicators into her cart.

"Real techniques [is] brilliant as always, highly recommended," commented one reviewer on Amazon, where the product sells for $4.30.

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Sassy + Chic Eyelash Case

Copyright @rachelxburrows / TikTok

"If I wore lashes, I would be all over this [case]," said Burrows, pointing to one with an adorable cherry motif and adding that it's "so cute."

The travel case holds up to three pairs of false eyelashes, so you can keep them clean for re-wears.

Cantu Shea Butter Shampoo

Copyright @rachelxburrows / TikTok

"Holy Cantu jackpot," said Burrows when she stumbled upon the haircare aisle. Her store stocked Cantu's hypoallergenic shampoo, an oil shampoo, a scalp-saver product, and a hairspray. "Wow," she said.

On Amazon, this same hypoallergenic shampoo sells for about $7, while the scalp saver is about $10 from Walmart.

Sassy + Chic Makeup Brush

Copyright @rachelxburrows / TikTok

"I almost missed these gorgeous new brushes from Sassy + Chic," added Burrows. "These look so nice."

There were a few different brushes for different uses and even ones with colorful handles to match the rest of your makeup collection.

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