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I'm a Makeup Expert and Just Bought 10 "Stunning" Dollar Tree Beauty Products for $1.25

Sticking to a budget doesn't mean skipping little luxuries.

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If there's one thing everyone can agree on, it's that there's no reason to spend more money than necessary on things—especially when no one will know! There are a few items that fall into this category, from certain home goods and food products to cleaning supplies and clothes. One big category is makeup: If a product is affordable and performs just as well as name-brand stuff, who's going to figure out the difference? To know what works and what doesn't, we scoured the internet. Here, see TikTok user and makeup expert Jenn Clayton's (@JennClaytonBeauty) picks for the 10 Dollar Tree beauty products that hold up to the best.

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Ioni Los Angeles Wispy Lashes


In one TikTok video, Clayton shows viewers an entire display of Ioni faux eyelashes, including these Los Angeles lashes. "These are so much fun—they're half lashes," she says. "They have such great quality lashes for $1.25, and these would be $12 to $15 at Ulta or Sephora."

Other types of Ioni lashes, named after spots in California, were available, depending on your preferences. Clayton also picked up the WeHo lashes. "Aren't these stunning? How beautiful are these spiky, dark, delicious lashes?" she gushes.

On Reddit, one reviewer gave Ioni's lashes high marks: "These lashes are pretty long/dramatic but still go on nicely! They do not feel heavy at all. The inner corners are not lifting so far. The lashes seem like they will be easy to clean and reuse."

The brand is cruelty-free and vegan and has been at Dollar Tree for years.

Ioni Lash Glue


Another budget-friendly pick that Clayton found was Ioni's lash glue. "It comes in both clear and dark—I prefer the dark," she explains.

On Amazon, where the same glue sells for $10, one reviewer wrote: "Love love love this glue," and mentioned it's the only one that will keep her lashes on even after crying.

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B-Pure Essentially Ageless Blur Face Primer

B-Pure Essentially Ageless Blur Face Powder
Copyright @jennclaytonbeauty / TikTok

Clayton says one of her favorite Dollar Tree beauty brands is B-Pure. "This is the Essentially Ageless Blur Face Primer—absolutely fantastic," she says.

It has hyaluronic acid in the formula to hydrate while it blurs.

B-Pure Essentially Ageless Blurring Pressed Powder

B-Pure Essentially Ageless Blurring Pressed Powder
Copyright @jennclaytonbeauty / TikTok

The B-Pure brand also offers a pressed powder product. "They didn't have a lot of shades, but they did have a few," Clayton says.

The product contains hyaluronic acid to hydrate the skin and vitamin C to reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation over time. You could use it as a foundation, a setting powder, or keep it in your purse to address shine throughout the day.

B-Pure Essentially Ageless Luminizing Blush

B-Pure Essentially Ageless Luminizing Blush
Copyright @jennclaytonbeauty / TikTok

Then, there was B-Pure's blush—which Clayton loves for its big, bold color. "This shade is absolutely gorgeous, pigmented, and blends out beautifully," she says.

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Dreamology Wax Strips

Dreamology Wax Strips
Copyright @jennclaytonbeauty / TikTok

If you're looking to save on wax trips, try Dollar Tree's waxing product. "They are now carrying wax strips for the bikini and the body with cocoa butter," Clayton says.

She also found wax strips for the face that are scented with chamomile. "They work really good and are much more affordable," she says.

Make Me Up Lip Duo

Make Me Up Lip Duo
Copyright @jennclaytonbeauty / TikTok

If you like to have lip gloss or balm in every purse and end table, then stock up at Dollar Tree for $1.25 options. "I saw this fun lip duo from Make Me Up," says Clayton. "There's a lip balm and a lip gloss."

Ioni Perfect Brow All-in-One Eyebrow Kit

Ioni Perfect Blow All-in-One Eyebrow Kit
Copyright @jennclaytonbeauty / TikTok

For sculpted brows, try Ioni's palette. "This actually has four different shades for you to fill in the brow," says Clayton. You can use the lighter color to highlight the area underneath.

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B-Pure Hydrating Under Eye Concealer

B-Pure Hydrating Under Eye Concealer
Copyright @jennclaytonbeauty / TikTok

To cover any under-eye bags or imperfections, there's this hydrating concealer. "This is really, really good," says Clayton. "Again, B-Pure—don't skip out on it if you see it."

Ioni Chloe Face Highlighter & Bronzer

Chloe Highlighter and Bronzer
Copyright @jennclaytonbeauty / TikTok

Finally, add some dimension and warmth with bronzer. "This is actually really beautiful," says Clayton. "Again, quite a few shades in stock."

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