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8 High-End Beauty Products You Should Buy at Dollar Tree: "Stop Getting Robbed by Amazon"

Amazon is cheap, but it’s not always the cheapest, according to one savvy shopper.

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One of the best things about Dollar Tree—besides the $1.25 prices, of course—is that you never know what you're going to find. One week, you could walk in and score gorgeous home decor, and the next, you'll find the perfect silly greeting card to send your best friend. The beauty aisle is one such category that's often full of surprises, where there's always the chance you'll find a pro-loved item for less than it sells elsewhere. Ahead, see the high-end Dollar Tree beauty products that one savvy shopper says will help you "stop getting robbed by Amazon."

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Cantu Shampoo and Conditioner


Shopping influencer Sarah (@sensationalfinds) posted in a recent TikTok that a series of shampoos and conditioners by the brand TXTR by Cantu had just arrived at her local Dollar Tree. "This is a fantastic deal for $1.25," she says.

They had a few formulas, including the cleansing oil seen here, as well as a smoothing shampoo and a conditioner for sensitive skin. "These typically retail right now on Amazon for about $7, so I will be getting mine at Dollar Tree," she says, pulling up a screenshot of the Amazon pricing as proof.

Cher Body Mist

Cher 80s Couture Body Mist
Copyright @sensationalfinds / TikTok

Dollar Tree can also fulfill your fragrance needs. "I got this one because I wanted to try it out," says Sarah of this Cher body mist in the "60's Couture" scent. And at $1.25, no one can argue with that—especially when they go for more than $9 on Amazon.

EcoTools BioBlender Biodegradable Cleansing Sponge

EcoTools BioBlender Biodegradable Cleansing Sponge
Copyright @sensationalfinds / TikTok

Try these for your next self-care day. "This is the EcoTools Bioblender Biodegradable Cleansing Sponge," Sarah says. "It comes in two different sizes: One is meant for the body, and the other is meant for the [face]."

You can use them to exfoliate for glowy, smooth skin. On Amazon, they normally retail for about $8.

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Real Techniques Cleanse Sponge

Real Techniquces Cleanse Sponge
Copyright @sensationalfinds / TikTok

Sarah calls this the "star of the show" in her eyes. "I actually tried this and really liked it, and I went back and picked up another; for $1.25, it cleans the skin really, really well."

The same product at Walmart costs $12.20, while a similar sponge goes for about $7 on Amazon.

Helios Gel Effect Press-On Nails

Helios Gel Effect press on nails
Copyright @sensationalfinds / TikTok

If you're a fan of press-on nails, try the Helios brand from Dollar Tree. "They come with 24 nails, the glue, the file, the cuticle pusher-backer, and were actually pretty good quality," Sarah says. A similar product costs $9.99 from the brand's website, she shares.

Queen V Cleansing Bar

Queen V Cleansing Bar
Copyright @sensationalfinds / TikTok

Sarah says she discovered this brand (which makes products to support women's vaginal health) via Dollar Tree—and hasn't been disappointed: "This is their bar soap, it smells super clean in the mixed berry scent." The same Queen V cleaning bar goes for $5 on Amazon.

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Bedu Face & Body Bar

Bedu Face & Body Ba
Copyright @sensationalfinds / TikTok

Sarah also pulled this bar soap from the brand Bedu. "This soap typically retails for about $11," she says. "It's made from camel milk in Jordan—if you see this soap, pick it up."

The same lemongrass and aloe scent is selling right now for $10 on Amazon, making it a real steal. Some of the other scents are as pricey as $13!

One 'N Only Split End Mender

One 'N Only Split End Mender
Copyright @sensationalfinds / TikTok

Sarah says this natural haircare brand is typically sold at spots like Sally Beauty and Walmart.

"They had a bunch of different product [at Dollar Tree]—they had serums, they had split end menders, they had curl creams," she says. "The price looks like it retails for about $18 when I looked it up online, so of course, I'm going to get them all for $1.25." (The split end product is $8 on Amazon, last we checked.)

Sarah explains that the brand likely had a redesign and that Dollar Tree may have bought out the stock with the old packaging.

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