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Shoppers Share 12 New Home Decor Items at Dollar Tree for Just $1.25

Fill your house with beachy decor on a budget.

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One of the most fun parts of spring is switching our wardrobes over from dark and bulky to bright and light clothing. And wouldn't it be nice if we could do the same with our home decor without it costing a fortune? Well, this year, a quick trip to Dollar Tree may help you transform your entire interior aesthetic. Savvy shoppers have taken to social media to share the beautiful home decor items they've scored at the store, from beachy vases and decorative seashells to coastal dinnerware and nautical wall art. Keep reading for all their favorite finds.

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Seashell dishes and glasses

TikToker Kori (@charmedcottage) can't believe all the nautical-themed decor at her local Dollar Tree.

"This year's stuff is ah-mazing," she says in a video while checking out a display of seashell dishware and glassware. "The design is really nice, and all for just $1.25."

The blue pattern can be found on stemless wine glasses that say "wish upon a starfish," ceramic coffee mugs, pot holders and dish towels ("sea, sand & sunshine" is another saying in the collection), placemats, bowls, dishes, and water glasses.

Of course, these items are lovely for everyday use, but Kori thinks they'd be great for a "summer-themed party in your yard."

Beachy ceramic dishes

White ceramic shell and fish dishes
© charmedcottage / TikTok

Kori also spotted these white ceramic shell and fish dishes, which she says are "so cute for your soap in the bathroom." They'd also make great trinket dishes or dining table centerpieces.

Seashell decanters

glass seashell decanters at Dollar Tree
© annikakrouse / TikTok

Another beachy item that would look lovely in the bathroom is this collection of blue decanters with seashell toppers, which TikToker Annika Krouse (@annikakrouse) found in her Dollar Tree.

They're not quite large enough to hold drinks, but they're the perfect size to use on a tablescape or simply on a bookshelf.

Nautical candle holders

Display of blue candle holders
© annikakrouse / TikTok

Krouse stumbled on these nautical candle holders, which match the decanters. They'd look great outside on a patio table, and you can find tealight candles (and even battery-operated ones) right at Dollar Tree, too.

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Woven straw baskets

Display of woven baskets at Dollar Tree
© gina.concilio / TikTok

In yet another in-store video, DIY TikToker Gina Concilio (@gina.concilio) advised shoppers to "run to the Dollar Tree" if they're in search of "super-cute coastal and beachy decor."

One of the items she pans over are these woven baskets that have navy blue or gray trim and faux leather detailing. And yes, they're still just $1.25.

Wooden wall signs

Whether you live near the coast or not, these wooden wall signs will make your home feel like a lovely beach house.

TikToker Tammy Perry-Porter (@tameynot) found them in her local store in a slew of different sizes and sayings. So did shopping expert Paige Constantino (@paigeconstantino), who said they'd look so cute on an outdoor patio.

Shell wall hooks

Seashell wall hooks at Dollar Tree
© thislittlemomshops / TikTok

How cute would these seashell wall hooks look on the back of a bathroom door or in a mudroom? In her own TikTok video, @thislittlemomshops found them at Dollar Tree in the nautilus shell and starfish designs.

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Faux shells

Display of seashells at Dollar Tree
© gina.concilio / TikTok

Concilio also spotted these bags of faux sand dollars and starfish. They'd look great in a decorative bowl or glass jar. And for $1.25 for each bag, they're also perfect to paint and use for craft projects.

Rope balls

Decorative rope balls at Dollar Tree
© paigeconstantino / TikTok

These rope balls would also look so chic in a decorative bowl as a centerpiece. Or, Constantino shares that she displays them on her bookshelf for "warmth for summer."

Nautical wall charms

Display of nautical wall decor at Dollar Tree
© paigeconstantino / TikTok

Constantino affectionately refers to these as "badanglies," but Dollar Tree calls them "wall charms." They'd look lovely hung on a narrow strip of wall or even used as curtain tie-backs.

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Decorative starfish

Decorative white and blue starfish at Dollar Tree
© paigeconstantino / TikTok

"These starfish are actually such nice quality," shares Constantino. "And they would be so cute on a shelf or…on top of books on, like, a coffee table."

Seascape canvases

Shopper holding up canvas ocean painting
© annikakrouse / TikTok

Finally, Krouse found these seascape canvases in several different soothing color palettes. "They have so many. I want all of them," she said.

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