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I'm an Interior Designer and I Always Buy These 6 Things at World Market

Plus, the four items she avoids.

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World Market, formerly Cost Plus World Market, is a great destination for furniture, decor, gifts, and more. However, that doesn't mean that all of the items in its aisles are equally worth buying. Having a keen eye for both beauty and a bargain can help you make the right choices for your home and your wallet—and Ana Egger, an interior designer and the founder of Staged by Ana Egger, wants to help you sort the wheat from the chaff.

Egger recently took her TikTok followers on a walkthrough of the store to share six of her favorite things to buy there. She also shared the four items she says she would never put in her cart due to quality or price. Ready to refresh your home with all the best items that World Market has to offer? These are the six best things to buy right now—and the four items Egger always avoids.

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Buy: Boho lamps

Interior designer Ana Egger shows off lamps at World Market
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Egger says that lamps are one of her favorite things to buy at World Market, and notes that oftentimes the store sells them at competitive prices.

"If you love the coastal, boho, organic vibe and you like rattan material, you will love the lighting at World Market. They have some great options," she says in her TikTok video. "This one is so pretty—it's tiered," she says, pointing to a rattan chandelier. "It's on sale for 140, which is a great price for such a big piece."

Buy: Furniture for small spaces

Interior designer Ana Egger shows off small couch at World Market
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The store also sells great furniture for smaller spaces, making it an ideal shopping destination for city living. "If you have an apartment, a studio, or a dorm room, the sizing is great and it's really cute and functional," she says.

In the video, she shares one of her favorite furniture items in the store—a small sectional couch in cream linen. "This couch here is $500 and it's a really nice color, it looks really comfortable—it would be so cute in a studio or your first apartment or small home."

Buy: Outdoor umbrellas

Interior designer Ana Egger shoes off outdoor umbrellas at World Market
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Next, Egger recommends buying outdoor umbrellas at World Market. "They have so much fun with their umbrellas. This macrame one is so popular right now," she says, sharing a new summer style.

However, she notes that umbrellas at World Market come with just one downside—they're often sold in two pieces: "It's $99, and that's just for the canopy itself, so that's something to be aware of that you have to buy the base separately… but it's so cute and they have so many different prints."

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Buy: Dining room tables

Interior designer Ana Egger shows off dining table at World Market
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If you're looking for a stylish and durable dining table, Egger says you'll find plenty to choose from. "I love the dining section at World Market. I definitely look here for dining room tables [and] outdoor dining tables. They're always so good and they're always on-trend with their sizes," she says.

She adds that tables are fairly priced and that "their furniture lasts a pretty long time."

Buy: Glassware and dining accessories

Interior designer Anna Egger showing daisy themed glassware from World Market
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Next, Egger says she loves coming to World Market for glassware and other dining accessories. Among her favorite items is a set of daisy-adorned glasses, which she notes are a dupe for a popular set from Anthropologie. "These glasses are so cute—an Anthro dupe at $9. At Anthro, they're $16 so these are so great," she says.

She also says she loves their selection of butcher boards, cutlery, and bowls. "I love to come here when I'm sourcing for styling a kitchen just because they have so many fun things and the pricing is pretty great," the designer notes.

Buy: Desk chairs

Interior designer Ana Egger showing desk chair at World Market
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Though she loves the look of dining room chairs at World Market, the interior designer says they tend to be overpriced. However, desk chairs are a different story, she says in her TikTok post.

"I do recommend to my clients that if you're looking for a desk chair and you're only going to buy one, buy it from World Market because the quality is great and I love the look."

Avoid: Faux florals

Interior designer Ana Egger shows faux flowers at World Market
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Many interior designers recommend against faux florals in the home—and Egger says that the selection at World Market is no exception. "Something I would not get here is the florals. They don't look realistic. When anything is artificial, you just don't want it in your home. It's automatically going to cheapen the space," she warns.

There's one faux plant in particular that she says she would never buy. "I'm sorry to say this but Pampas grass is out. It was really 'in' in 2019, it was really 'in' in 2020, 2021. Everyone caught on and now it's overdone and it's 'out,' so avoid it," she advises.

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Avoid: Overpriced mirrors

Interior designer Ana Egger shows mirrors at World Market
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Egger doesn't seem to take issue with the decor style of the mirrors at World Market, but she still says you shouldn't buy them there.

"I think they are so overpriced compared to HomeGoods or Amazon. You can buy the exact same things there with the same look. $300 for a six-foot mirror is just way overpriced for me. Also at $200 for a tiny, round mirror, I would say just avoid it. You can find the same thing somewhere else for way cheaper," she says.

Avoid: Framed art

Interior designer Ana Egger shows framed art at World Market
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World Market has plenty of framed art to choose from, but Egger says she skips that section when she shops.

"I also don't love the art here, but if you love the style, go to HomeGoods. This exact same thing at $150 I saw at HomeGoods for literally $40," she says.

Avoid: Expensive pillows

Interior designer shows pillows at World Market
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Finally, the interior designer says there are better places to go pillow shopping than World Market—especially if you're willing to spend.

"For me, the pillows at World Market are overpriced. This one here is $50 and it's not even a nice insert. I definitely wouldn't get pillows here, they're just too expensive. If you're gonna pay $50 for a pillow, go to Crate and Barrel, go to somewhere that's actually higher end because that's just too much money."

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