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I'm an Interior Designer and These Are the 7 Things I Always Buy at HomeGoods (And 7 I Avoid)

Interior designed Ana Egger took to TikTok to share her thoughts on different HomeGoods products.

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A fundamental part of HomeGoods' business model is the treasure hunt approach, where you truly never know what you're going to find on any given shopping trip. Having such a wide variety of homewares and decor to choose from can be thrilling—but also a bit overwhelming. Thankfully, interior designer Ana Egger, founder of Staged by Ana Egger, has a list of seven products to always look for at HomeGoods, as well as seven to actively avoid.

"I love finding decor dupes and saving my clients money at HomeGoods," Egger wrote in the caption of a Feb. 24 TikTok video. "But there's also SO many ways to go wrong."

If you're never sure what's trendy versus tacky at HomeGoods, Egger has you covered. Read on for her 14 shopping suggestions.

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Buy: Pottery

pottery at homegoods
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In the Feb. 24 video, Egger explains the "general rules" she uses when on a HomeGoods run. Starting off, she always looks in the pottery section.

"Whenever I come to HomeGoods, I always beeline it for the pottery section," she says.

Egger points to the price of one textured ceramic pot, noting that it's just $35.

"Crate & Barrel, Pottery Barn, it's gonna be at least double the price, so pottery is something great to look for at HomeGoods," Egger tells viewers.

Buy: Mirrors

homegoods mirrors
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If you're in the market for a new mirror, HomeGoods is a reliable destination, according to Egger.

"I love getting mirrors here, because, number one, I'm not worried about them breaking during shipping, and number two, the pricing is always really great," she says, picking up a C&C California brand mirror that would be a great fit in a guest bathroom or bedroom.

"It's super cute, and it's literally $50," Egger adds.

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Avoid: Silk floral arrangements

homegoods silk floral arrangements
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Fake florals abound at HomeGoods, but while you might be drawn to them at the store, Egger says they're not the best choice for your home.

"Something to avoid are these silk floral arrangements," she cautions. "They just look cheap, they're too small, the colors are always off, and honestly, if you just add them to a space, they're gonna cheapen it—so, avoid."

Buy: Pots for big plants

large plant pots at homegoods
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Egger also recommends getting pots for larger plants and tall trees—like olive trees or fig leaf plants—at your local HomeGoods.

"Look how cute this pot is," she says, holding up a shelled option that retails for $80 and is "super lightweight."

Avoid: Anything with a Moroccan print

moroccan print at homegoods
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At any HomeGoods store, you're likely to find a section with colorful Moroccan-print items. While you may be drawn to the colors and textures, Egger says it's best to leave these products on the shelf.

"Something I always avoid at HomeGoods is anything with a Moroccan print," she says. "This elephant, these boxes, the furniture, the side tables—any time you see this print, it's a hard no."

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Buy: Simple decorative boxes

decorative boxes homegoods
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Also on Egger's list of must-buys at HomeGoods? Decorative boxes.

"This box is so cute for styling a shelf or a bedside table," she gushes, holding a white textured box.

Avoid: Boxes with bold colors and patterns

decorative boxes at homegoods
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While Egger recommends decorative boxes in general, they're not all worth taking home.

"When you're looking at their boxes, you're gonna have to be super, super selective—like I would definitely not get a box like this that looks a little gaudy, or [one] with a bold print," she says, highlighting a dark teal box with a gold clasp and a dark blue floral box.

Displaying another box with a daisy pattern overlay, Egger says, "Please don't ever put this in your home."

Buy: Pillows with down inserts

homegoods pillows
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Linens are one of the best things to buy at HomeGoods, but this is another area where you have to be selective, Egger advises.

"Whenever you're at HomeGoods and you're looking for pillows, what I want you to do is feel the pillow itself," she explains. She then grabs a pair of pillows to demonstrate how she feels for a down insert inside.

Egger continues, "This pillow, it's really nice, this has a little texture to it, it's just white, and when I feel it, it has that down insert, which is really nice."

Avoid: Anything with words on it

signs at homegoods
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Egger first advises shoppers against buying pillows with words on them, but she then backtracks and says you shouldn't buy anything with words on it.

"It's a great rule of thumb—avoid all words in general," she warns.

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Buy: Baskets

homegoods baskets
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Baskets are also reliable at HomeGoods, especially considering how expensive they can be at other big-name retailers.

"I love getting baskets at HomeGoods. The pricing is so good, and you really can't tell the difference between baskets from here and like, The Container Store," Egger says.

She finds a small basket that could double as a hamper, which she says "looks like a Serena & Lily basket I've seen before," as well as baskets that would work for a kid's room or in an entryway.

"There's always so many different choices, and the pricing is really great," Egger says, picking up another wicker option. "Something like this with a lid—let's see what the price is here—$20. At The Container Store, this retails for at least $80."

Buy: Tasteful lamps

homegoods lamps
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Egger also recommends shopping for lamps at HomeGoods.

In the February TikTok, she selects a neutral option from the shelf, citing it as a "cute" option with a good shape, color, and texture. Egger also advises looking for lamps that are available in pairs, which are great options for nightstands or an entryway.

Upon checking the price tag, Egger tells shoppers that the lamp is priced at $60—again pointing out that this would cost you far more at other retailers.

"At Crate & Barrel, you're gonna get it for at least $200," she insists.

Avoid: "Gaudy" lamps

homegoods lamp
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While Egger says you can definitely score a stylish lamp at HomeGoods, you do need to be mindful with your selections.

"There are ways you can go wrong," she says, pointing out a metallic lamp on a nearby shelf. "Way too gaudy, way too gold, definitely giving, like [2007] vibes."

She continues, "You just have to make sure you get the right kind."

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Avoid: Anything small

homegoods small decor
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According to Egger, those mini knick-knacks and decorations should also be left behind at HomeGoods.

"Please avoid anything small—so tiny little plants, tiny little pieces of decor," she says.

Avoid: Seasonal items

easter seasonal decor homegoods
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Her last note is somewhat controversial, as HomeGoods is known for its seasonal decor. But Egger says these tempting purchases can easily "cheapen your space."

"I hate to say it, I'm sorry to all my clients who love their seasonal decor, but it's a no," she concludes.

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