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8 Costco Hacks Interior Designers Swear By

These helpful tips and tricks will get any space in tip-top shape.

It seems as if everyone has a favorite Costco life-hack, from eyeglasses to engagement rings. And if you've done any home renovations recently, you may know the bulk-buy consumer club as a place to snag big-ticket kitchen appliances. But don't rule out Costco for chic interior design items. Design pros have long been finding great home decor items in parts of the store where you might not think to look. Keep reading to hear from interior designers about their favorite hacks and ideas from the sky-high shelves of Costco.

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Buy multiples so your home has uniform style.

Set of Teal Towels
New Africa / Shutterstock

When everything in your home —from baseboards to towels to storage bins—is tied together, your space looks expensive and professionally designed. But purchasing multiple matching items can add up.

Joe Ferguson, a carpenter and interior designer with Skirtings R Us, loves Costco because the wholesaler stocks many items in bundles or pairs. "That means that from linens to plates, duvets to towels, you get most of them in a uniform style," he says. "For kitchens, our go-to's are storage canisters, drawer organizers, and linens. Candles are wonderful to have in bundles and can easily be used to decorate," he adds.

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Head to the lighting department for big impact.

Interior Set Up with Good Lighting

While lamps themselves may seem trivial, lighting has a huge impact on the look and feel of a room. "Choosing the right lighting can be a win for both design and function in your home. There are a variety of lighting styles available at Costco," says Floor360 interior designer Autumn Stankovsky. She loves the Cabo Arc Floor Lamp to complement a mid-century modern style, and she notes that its three swivel arms are great to fill an open space. For a tabletop, she says the Stylecraft Carrena Table Lamp brings "a touch of shine to your space."

Chris Alexakis, interior designer and founder of Cabinet Select, is a fan of the two-pack Oliver Metal Table Lamp. "You can integrate these lamps on your coffee table or a dresser; they elevate any place, adding a rustic, glam element," he explains. Almost all lamps and fixtures at Costco are under $200, with many ringing up to less than $100.

Don't skimp on storage and organization.

Metallic Storage Cart in the Kitchen

Finding a place for everything creates a home that's as easy on the eyes as it is to live in. Stankovsky says decluttering is especially important in the kitchen, and loves the carts Costco sells for this room. "A metallic cart with a bamboo top could fit in an industrial or farmhouse kitchen, a white cart with a wood top fits a coastal style, and a stainless-steel cart works in a minimalist style kitchen. When wheels are added, you can store it to the side and bring it out when needed," she shares.

Interior designer Stefan Bucur agrees that kitchen carts are an especially great Costco buy, noting that they're "the same quality products that you can find at places like the Container Store but at a much better price point." He also says Costco usually has a better stock of carts than other stores.

As for the bedroom, "Some of their dressers or storage options are both gorgeous and cost-effective," according to Grace Baena, an interior designer at Kaiyo. "The Rivina Nightstand 2-Pack is one product that stands out—it's beautiful, well-made, and provides tons of storage."

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Remember the outdoor living department.

Outdoor Wood Fire Pizza Oven
Vach cameraman/Shutterstock

Outdoor furniture, as well as accessories and appliances like fire pits and grills, are more expensive than you probably realize. But that's where Costco comes in. "The area they really do the best at with these products is patios. It's possible to get everything from lawn furniture to outdoor pizza ovens to full-sized gazebos at Costco," says Todd Saunders, CEO of FlooringStores.

Lacy Garcia, an interior designer who runs the TikTok account CostcoHomeAndDesign, shared a video of how she furnished an entire outdoor space with the brand's in-store and online finds. She used an outdoor solar shade, "smart" orb lights, colorful pillows, and a stack of striped resort towels to transform a Florida backyard into a breezy oasis.

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Stock up on flowers and plants (real and faux).

Room Full of Plants

Plants and flowers are other items that add a just-right look to the gorgeous spaces we see in magazines. "Costco is a great place to go whenever you are in need of beautiful florals and plants for a great price," says Bucur. And their faux plants have a huge following. TikTok account CostcoHotFinds featured their artificial banana tree, and the video has been viewed more than 128,000 times. It even inspired a full article on Apartment Therapy.

Save on luxury bedding and brand-name mattresses.

Luxury Bed Set

Attractive, high-quality bedding often has a luxury-level price attached, but the pros know that Costco has great deals in this department. Interior stylist Kiva Brent shared a YouTube video with her favorite home decor finds at Costco, which includes pillows "with the exact right amount of fluff" and Calvin Klein sheets.

Mattresses are another item that can be pricey, but Costco carries the popular bed-in-a-box brand Casper, and Brent says it's almost always cheaper than other stores. They also sell other boxed mattress brands like Leesa, as well as their own Kirkland brand and others like Sealy and Tempur-Pedic. And unlike ordering these online or going to a showroom, they're right in the aisle for you to put in your cart, Brent notes.

Snag designer kitchen accessories and fixtures.

Fancy Stainless Kitchen
Hendrickson Photography / Shutterstock

Fancy trash bins and chef-grade sinks may not be completely necessary, but they make life easier and help our kitchens look amazing. One of Brent's other favorite buys is the Kohler steel trash bin (for a hack within a hack, Costco's famous trash bags fit the can perfectly). The popular Kohler Cater Sink, with custom-fit accessories like a cutting board and basin racks, can be found for a fraction of the regular appliance store price.

And don't forget flooring.

Wood Flooring Kitchen

Though we may not associate Costco with a nuts-and-bolts home item like flooring, it's a fabulous find for anyone seeking an affordable yet attractive flooring solution. "Hardwood is great for some, but most of us are looking for a low-maintenance, low-worry, and low-cost floor. And that is Costco laminate hardwood, engineered hardwood, and vinyl!" says Karisa Grimstad, interior designer at Petite Modern Life.

Grimstad explains that Costco flooring comes with a great return policy and very often goes on sale. She also notes that if you make a large purchase like this and have the Gold Star or Business memberships, you'll get money back.

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