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5 Best Things to Buy at Joann

It has craft supplies—and tons of other stuff. Here are retail experts' top picks.

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Unless you're a serious hobbyist, you might not think there's anything for you at Joann (formerly known as Jo-Ann Fabrics). The store made a name for itself by selling sewing, knitting, and crochet supplies, but those aren't the only things you can buy here. If you're looking for steep discounts on homewares, decor, and crafting items, this is your spot. Keep reading to learn retail pros' favorite things to buy at Joann—there are probably a few items you wouldn't expect!

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Fabric scraps

Detailed close up view on samples of cloth and fabrics in different colors found at a fabrics market.

Scraps of fabric can be fun for projects like quilting, sewing, and patching thrifted clothes—or even creating pretty bows or cards. When you need to buy them, visit Joann's fabric remnants bin.

"This is where Joann keeps smaller bits of fabric that are 50 percent off the current price per yard of that item," says Samantha Landau, consumer expert at "These cuts of fabric are perfect for patching up old denim, DIY scrunchies, embroidery, pet clothes, and more."

And at these prices, you won't feel guilty for simply picking some up in case inspiration strikes.

Trendy homewares

If your house could use some sprucing up, visit Joann for a few fun pieces. In a recent TikTok, user @fairyringstudio showed a range of trendy mushroom decor the retailer stocked for spring, including tea towels, wall art, throw pillows, and welcome mats.

In another TikTok video, user @bran_in_bougieland showed a collection of colorful glass vases, candlesticks, and candle holders that Joann had stocked for spring. Commenters agreed the items were on point: "They must have a new buyer. I'm here for it," wrote one impressed viewer.

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display of yarn in a store
Cherisha Kay Norman / Shutterstock

Whether you're a total hobbyist or pick up an occasional ball of yarn every few years, buy your strands at Joann.

"They have a great selection online, and they offer pick-up discounts as well in many cases; plus, there's almost always a discount going on of some kind, so I use these opportunities to stock up on my favorites like the Lion Brand Mandala Ombre cakes," says Julie Ramhold, a consumer analyst with DealNews.

This is also her spot for crochet hooks. "Clover hooks are my favorites and thanks to Joann's history of offering great discounts, I can usually snag a hook I may not use regularly but need for a particular project for much less than shopping elsewhere," says Ramhold.

Halloween decorations

woman decorating for fall with fake pumpkins
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Ramhold says she's partial to Joann for Halloween decor since it tends to be more sophisticated than the stuff at big box retailers.

"While they can be more expensive than the decor options found at stores like Walmart, they're also things that I'll get a ton of use out of, like ceramic bat-shaped plates that are perfect for serving items on for a Halloween party or a horror movie night," she says.

"I also really like the selection of wooden signs and unique things like Halloween trees and pre-decorated pumpkins because it makes it easy to decorate with items that are more sophisticated than some of the kid-centric items other stores have on sale," Ramhold adds.

The store runs promotions often and stocks Halloween decor early, so you'll have plenty of time to wait for a solid deal to hit.

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Other seasonal decor

Multi generation family at table for 4th July barbecue
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Skip popular, crowded stores for seasonal items and check out Joann's.

"Once a holiday is over, it'll have up to 80 percent off seasonal clearance items," says Landau. "For example, if you have your eye on Easter decor but don't want to pay full price, hold off until after the holiday and head to Joann to stock up for next year." With a little planning, you'll win big.

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