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5 Best Things to Buy at Hobby Lobby for Mother's Day

Experts say these items from the craft retailer are perfect for celebrating the mom in your life.

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The perfect Mother's Day gift is usually one that shows appreciation while including a little bit of creativity and unique thought. Of course, this makes Hobby Lobby especially well-suited as a one-stop shop for the items and materials you'll need. Fortunately, if you're still stuck for ideas, we've come up with some options for a memorable present for the mom in your life. Read on for the best things to buy at Hobby Lobby for Mother's Day, according to experts.

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A craftable tic-tac-toe game

A wooden tic tac toe board from Hobby Lobby
Hobby Lobby

An ideal Mother's Day gift is one that might allow you to spend more time with your mom. One Hobby Lobby option combines play with creativity.

"Most of us moms don't really need more stuff, and gifts that are an experience of an activity we can do with our children can be very special. So, if you have no idea what to get for the mom of the family, consider this wooden tic-tac-toe set from Hobby Lobby," says Marie Clark, retail expert and editor of the shopping site CostContessa.

She suggests letting your children pick out some paint and embellishments to make it a family project with mom to decorate and DIY your own family tic-tac-toe game.

"And when it's dry, you can play it!" she says.

A stepping stone craft kit

A mosaic stepping stone kit from Hobby Lobby
Hobby Lobby

One of Hobby Lobby's strongest suits is combining decor with DIY. So if you're looking for a gift that will keep a permanent place in your home, check out this product, which is also a way to spend a fun afternoon together.

"The crafty mom who enjoys decorating her yard might enjoy Hobby Lobby's Mosaic Stepping Stone Kit," says Todd Stearn, consumer savings expert and founder of The Money Manual. "It includes stone mix, a reusable mold, and assorted mosaic glass for the project, along with templates and design ideas for $16.99."

While you could spend time together making the stone, Stearn also suggests making it yourself as a surprise to "make the gift extra special."

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A potted plant

A tree root planter from Hobby Lobby
Hobby Lobby

Clark says another great find from Hobby Lobby to consider for Mother's Day is their appealing selection of unique plant pots.

"Consider exchanging the more traditional cut flowers for a potted plant that will continue to grow and be enjoyed for a long period of time," she suggests. "You could even opt for herbs or a small vegetable plant that can flourish in a pot, such as a cherry tomato plant, or herbs like basil or Italian parsley."

And while there are dozens of options to pick from, she has some favorites of her own to consider.

"One of their tree root bowls would look great in a variety of homes, from modern to coastal—especially if you plant with succulents or herbs!" she suggests. "I also love the Farmhouse-style trough for a more rustic farmhouse look, which you can plant with a few herbs for mom to use all year."

Scented candles

A pink Cleanse scented candle from Hobby Lobby
Hobby Lobby

Candles are an evergreen gifting idea that work exceptionally well for Mother's Day. Fortunately, Hobby Lobby has a broad selection of fragrances that make for a fun assortment.

"If she likes scented candles, Hobby Lobby has a series of jarred candles in a variety of smell combinations, including bergamot and lemon peel, rose and grapefruit, lemongrass and tangelo, and mandarin and mint," Stearn says. "And the attractive jarred candles with wooden lids are on even sale now for $13.19, down from $21.99."

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Decorative office supplies

A green scalloped notebook from Hobby Lobby
Hobby Lobby

Practical gifts may not seem like the best choice on Mother's Day. But thanks to Hobby Lobby's bright and colorful selection of items, you can come up with a thoughtful assortment that will have her thinking of you all throughout the workday.

"A mom who works from home or otherwise spends a lot of time in her home office might appreciate some attractive or whimsical office supplies to make her office more fun," suggests Stearn. "Hobby Lobby has some interesting multicolored sticky note balls for $5.99 in two different color palettes, a set of colorful, scalloped notebooks for $4.99, and a set of floral fine-tipped pens on sale for $2.99, regularly $4.99, along with similar items that might go together nicely."

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