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Shoppers Say "Run and Grab" These 16 New Beauty Products at Dollar Tree for $1.25

They're just as good as what you'd find elsewhere.

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One of the best places to score some deals at Dollar Tree is in the beauty aisle. The store stocks skincare, makeup, and body care products—and the best part is you never know what you're going to get. One week, you may find a pile of face masks, and the next, you could stumble upon name-brand lip glosses in a range of colors. A few TikTokers who are up for the hunt recently shared the items they found at their local Dollar Tree. See which products they consider worth the purchase—and try to spot them at your nearest one for the unbeatable price of $1.25.

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B-Pure Cherry Soda Pop Face Mask

cherry soda pop face mask
Copyright @rachelxburrows / TikTok

It's always good to have a stash of face masks for a rainy day, and Dollar Tree is known to stock them in a variety of scents and specialties. "How cute?" said TikTok user Rachel Burrows (@rachelxburrows) in a recent video. "You know I love cherry."

The hyaluronic acid makes it extra hydrating and cherry extract includes antioxidants that are good for the skin.

Scunci Hair Clips

scunci hair clips
Copyright @rachelxburrows / TikTok

Burrows' Dollar Tree had some goodies in the haircare aisle, too. "These are adorable," she says. "I love these two colors together." The accessories cover both the claw clip trend and the Y2K trend all in one.

Bath Sponge

body glove
Copyright @rachelxburrows / TikTok

Upgrade your body care products to introduce a little bit of luxury into your everyday routine. "These look nice—it's a little bath sponge, and they also have a glove," says Burrows. Apply soap and allow it to lather, and the sponge will lightly exfoliate your skin as you suds up.

Dispenser Pump

dispenser pump
Copyright @rachelxburrows / TikTok

You can fill these with whatever product you want for easy application. "I love these little dispenser pumps in these new cute colors—I have to get the pink one," says Burrows.

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NextGen Hemp Seed Oil Body Wash

next gen hemp seed oil body wash
Copyright @rachelxburrows / TikTok

Burrows called this body wash a dupe for the brand Hempz. "It smells really good," she says. To compare, the brand-name product sells for about $16 on Amazon.

B-Pure Split End Fixer

split end fixer b pure
Copyright @rachelxburrows / TikTok

Who among us isn't always aiming for fewer split ends? Burrows looked at this mender inquisitively: "Oh, what do we have here, B-Pure?" she asked. She also added the nearby hair serum from the same brand to her cart.

Assured Razor

assured razer
Copyright @rachelxburrows / TikTok

"I'm so glad I was able to find a few more of these," says Rachel. "This is actually a really nice razer."

Shoppers say these are dupes of the Venus-brand razor. But if it gets the job done, there's no use spending more than $1.25.

Ioni Sparkleliner

sparkle eyeliner
Copyright @jennclaytonbeauty / TikTok

TikTok user Jenn Clayton (@jennclaytonbeauty) says she's a huge fan of Ioni, which is frequently sold at Dollar Tree. "This sparkle liner is really fun for all of those fun, festive looks," she says. "It also applies really beautifully with no skipping."

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Beauty Intuition Big, Curl Lashes

mascara dollar tree
Copyright @jennclaytonbeauty / TikTok

Many of us use mascara every day, so it runs out quickly! "This mascara is incredible," says Clayton. "I think this Beauty Intuition brand is new to Dollar Tree, and everything I've tried is really good. I can't wait to see what else they bring out."

Beauty Intuition Peachy Nudes

peachy nudes eyeshadow
Copyright @jennclaytonbeauty / TikTok

A neutral eyeshadow palette is a must-have for everyday makeup. Clayton says she was "shocked to see" this one at her local Dollar Tree. "These are nine-pan eyeshadow palettes," she adds. "They have so many different color stories, everything from nudes to pretty pastels."

Beauty Intuition Pretty Pastels

pretty patels eyeshadow palette
Copyright @jennclaytonbeauty / TikTok

Clayton said this was the "pretty pastel" version of the same Beauty Intuition palette if you're looking for a more colorful lid. There was also a pinkish, mauve-toned neutral palette.

B-Pure Essentially Ageless Blush

essentially ageless blush
Copyright @jennclaytonbeauty / TikTok

Blush is trending, and these from Dollar Tree will help you get the look for less. "They are very pigmented," says Clayton. "They apply to the skin beautifully."

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LA Colors Lip Oil

la colors lip oil
Copyright @jennclaytonbeauty / TikTok

A lip oil can be applied over a balm, gloss, lipstick, or stain to give your pout a reflective glow. "The scent is amazing," says Clayton. "They last a long time and are very glossy and not sticky."

LA Colors Moisturizing Lip Gloss

la colors lip gloss
Copyright @jennclaytonbeauty / TikTok

Clayton was a fan of these LA Colors glosses, too. "These are also very hydrating, very moisturizing, and the color payoff is really good," she says. There were a few colors available so you can take your pick.

B-Pure Blender with Handle

ice cream beauty blender
Copyright @jennclaytonbeauty / TikTok

We can always get behind a beauty product in a novelty shape. "This is the cutest thing I've ever seen," says Clayton. "This is a beauty blender with the cone as the holder—it actually works really well to blend in your makeup."

LA Colors Gelato Lip Balm

gelato lip balm
Copyright @jennclaytonbeauty / TikTok

You can never have too many lip balms, especially ones in yummy flavors like chocolate and strawberry gelato. "They smell so good, and they're very hydrating and moist on the skin," says Clayton.

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