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Shoppers Share 15 "Incredible" New Dollar Tree Beauty Items for $1.25

Get there fast for first dibs, they say.

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One of the best things about the Dollar Tree beauty aisle isn't just that it's super affordable—each item costs $1.25!—but also how quickly it gets new inventory. If you're not a fan of what's there one day, you can rest assured there'll be a different set of products the week after. What's more, Dollar Tree also has a range of goodies. You can find makeup for various skin tones, dermatologist-approved skincare, and random doodads like face masks and hair towels that fall into the "treat yourself" category. Keep reading to see what shoppers say is new and worth the cash.

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Color Changing Tinted Lip Balm

color changing lipstick
Copyright @brittney_coble / TikTok

This product is almost like a two-in-one! "I found these color-changing glosses and balms," says creator Brittney Coble (@brittany_coble) in a recent TikTok. "They also had a roller option." It's similar to a lippie from Tom Ford, which changes color with your skin's unique pH.

Ioni Liquid Blush

liquid blush dollar tree
Copyright @annikakrouse / TikTok

Some of Dollar Tree's newest beauty products come from store brands like Ioni. In a recent video, TikTok creator Annika Krouse (@annikakrouse) shared products from Ioni's new line, Cali Beauty.

First, she pulled out this liquid blush, which was available in a few colors. "I wish I wore foundation because I wear powder, and liquid blush just doesn't work on top of that," she says. "But the color of these are incredible—try these out."

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Styling Nectar

cocoa butter and biotin shampoo
Copyright @annikakrouse / TikTok

Krouse was super interested in this product. "It's a weightless definition gel that is color-safe," she says. Plus, it has lots of hair-friendly ingredients, like cocoa butter, biotin, and vitamin E.

Pastel Pumice Stone

pumice stone dollar tree
Copyright @alexx_schmutz / TikTok

These are great for softening tough skin, like what you might notice on the bottom of your feet. "I love all the colors," says TikTok creator Alexx Schmutz (@alexx_schmutz).

Jade Gua Sha Massager

jade beauty gua sha
Copyright @brittney_coble / TikTok

We're big fans of a comprehensive gua sha routine. "If you love to gua sha, they've got the original Dollar Tree gua sha, and they also have one for your scalp," says Coble. "I was super excited and grabbed one."

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Sassy + Chic Dual Pencil Sharpener

makeup pencil sharpener
Copyright @alexx_schmutz / TikTok

Eyeliner and brow pencils wear out faster than you expect, so it's important to keep a sharpener on hand. "This is a really good deal," says Schmutz. "You get two dual pencil sharpeners for $1.25 and they have two different sizes."

Sassy + Chic Mini Powder Puffs

small powder puff makeup dollar tree
Copyright @alexx_schmutz / TikTok

"I've been looking for these little mini powder puffs—they're so cute," says Schmutz. Use them for the under-eye area to really target your application.

B-Pure Antimicrobial Makeup Sponge

antimicrobal beauty sponge
Copyright @alexx_schmutz / TikTok

Schmutz said these were definitely new to her Dollar Tree. "It's an antimicrobial makeup sponge that's infused with silver—I definitely need to try this out," she says. "Since they have a bunch, I'm going to try a couple."

Warming Eye Mask

warming face mask
Copyright @alexx_schmutz / TikTok

Here's a product for all your self-care Sundays. "This is a warming eye mask," says Schmutz. "It looks pretty interesting."

Mini Tinted Lip Oils

dollar tree lip oil
Copyright @brittney_coble / TikTok

Can you ever have too many lip products? "They had these mini little lip oils," says Coble. "I got these."

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Ioni Highlighter

ioni highlighter
Copyright @annikakrouse / TikTok

This is another product from Ioni's Cali Beauty line. "They have a nice shimmery highlighter," says Krouse. "This is a great collection—I'm really excited to have found this."

Lavender Infused Scalp Massager

hair massager
Copyright @brittney_coble / TikTok

Add a little luxury to your shower routine. "These are scalp massagers," says Coble. "I use them for hair oil or serum before I shower, and they come in lavender and rose scents."

Pedicure Set

dollar tree pedicure set
Copyright @brittney_coble / TikTok

Invest in the products to give yourself a quality pedicure at home, and you'll save tons of cash at the salon. Coble called this set "super cute." It includes a clipper, file, separator, and pusher.

Ioni Finishing Spray

dollar tree setting spray
Copyright @annikakrouse / TikTok

No look is complete without a spritz of finishing spray to keep makeup in place. "I am so snagging one of these," says Krouse. It's also from the Cali Beauty line, so we expect it to withstand all sorts of summer concerns, like sweat and shine.

Blender Sponge and Stand

beauty sponge and holder
Copyright @brittney_coble / TikTok

Don't let your makeup sponge get grimy by tossing it into the mess of your other makeup—Dollar Tree can help. "They've got these cute little beauty blender sponge holders and two different sponges to choose from," says Coble. You can pick the color that speaks to you most.

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