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Shopper Finds 9 "Really Great" Mother's Day Gifts at Dollar Tree for $1.25

Treat your mom to some self-care this year with these affordable finds.

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The single best gift for Mother's Day is, of course, priceless: Unconditional love from her children. But sometimes that unconditional love is best shown through the presentation of material objects. Enter Dollar Tree, the nationwide bargain chain. As chronicled in a now-viral TikTok from Caitlin Tetrault, a popular content creator known as Momingthisshiz, Dollar Tree has a litany of "really great" Mother's Day gifts this year, all on the shelves for $1.25 or less. Here are nine of her favorites.

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Cosmetic cases

A shopper holds two cosmetic cases in the frame showing off the best Mother's Day Gifts at Dollar Tree.
Copyright @allthingsdollartree / TikTok

Among the best Mother's Day gifts at Dollar Tree? A pairing of cosmetic cases, putting one smaller case with a larger one in a single affordable package.

"These little cosmetic cases… would be great for travel, and they have lots of colors," Tetrault explained. Some color combinations include a lavender and lilac pairing, a seafoam green and sky blue duo, and red plus a slightly redder-red match.

Microfiber hair wrap

A shopper holds microfiber hair wraps while shopping for the best Mother's Day gifts at Dollar Tree.
Copyright @allthingsdollartree / TikTok

Next on the list are Dollar Tree's microfiber hair wraps, which Tetrault pointed out are available in two colors—a robin's egg blue and a pastel pink—and are key for keeping hair dry during a shower.

But it's not just the colors or functionality that make these so appealing. "I love the prints," Tetrault added.

Pastel loofahs

A shopper holds a loofah while shopping for the best Mother's Day gifts in Dollar Tree.
Copyright @allthingsdollartree / TikTok

Nothing makes one feel cleaner than a good loofah. Dollar Tree is home to a certain type of fascinatingly fringed variety, which Tetrault described as "bohemian-looking." She said the loofahs are available in a bunch of different colors, but only showed off two in her clip: the soft blue you see above, and a muted light purple.

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Infused scalp massagers

A shopper holds a lavender infused scalp massager while shopping for the best Mother's Day gifts at Dollar Tree.
Copyright @allthingsdollartree / TIkTok

Scalp massagers have long been a core offering at Dollar Tree, according to Tetrault, but at the moment, the chain has an even better version: scalp massagers that are infused with rose or lavender.

Not only do both fragrances smell wonderful, but research suggests lavender actually promotes healthy, restful sleep. That's one way to make it up to Mom for all those sleepless toddler years!

Hot-and-cold eye pads

A shopper holds two hot and cold eye pads in Dollar Tree while shopping for the best Mother's Day gifts.
Copyright @allthingsdollartree / TikTok

No, you won't find a high-tech Apple product at Dollar Tree for $1.25—we're talking about the other type of eye pad. These varying temperature options, which come in packs of two and alternate between providing cool and warm comfort, are terrific for removing puffiness and minimizing fine lines.

Blending sponge cups

A shopper holds a blending sponge cup in Dollar Tree while shopping for the best Mother's Day gifts.
Copyright @allthingsdollartree / TikTok

No one wants to use a blending sponge that's been resting on an open surface, collecting who knows what. To that end, Dollar Tree has blending bud holders available in a rose gold hue that complements blending sponges of all colors. (Bonus: A sponge even comes included!)

"I love these little blending bud cups," Tetrault said. "It keeps them neat and tidy and off of surfaces."

Matching towel headbands and scrunchies

A shopper holds a shower headband set in Dollar Tree while shopping for the best Mother's Day gifts.
Copyright @allthingsdollartree / TIkTok

As a repeat Mother's Day gift from the previous year, this year, Dollar Tree stocked up on the popular matching "mommy and me" headbands, done up in blue- or pink-toned floral patterns.

But Tetrault pointed out the pattern isn't just limited to headbands: There are also towel scrunchies and detangling combs (replete with a shower handle) with the same design. The whole matching set makes for a perfect Mother's Day gift.

Various makeup products

A shopper holds two dupe bottles from Drunk Elephant while shopping for the best Mother's Day gifts at Dollar Tree.
Copyright @allthingsdollartree / TikTok

This should come as no surprise to Dollar Tree devotees, but the store is utterly stacked with an impressive array of affordable makeup options and accessories—everything from brushes to lip gloss and lip balm. Tetrault pointed out that some are even similar to name-brand products, including the Drunk Elephant dupe bottles ("for travel," says Tetrault).

Cosmetics bags

A shopper holds a pink cosmetic bag with the word "mama" on it while looking for the best Mother's Day gifts at Dollar tree.
Copyright @allthingsdollartree / TikTok

And what better to put it all in than a cosmetic bag? Though the store has several tasteful cosmetic bags—including woven designs in a veritable Crayola box of color options—the best ones to get, naturally, are those that say "mama" right on the front.

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