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See-ya Snakes

12 Plants That Keep Snakes Out of Your Yard

Keep these growing to keep out snakes.
Carbon Copies

Shoppers Find Pottery Barn Dupes at Walmart

In some cases, for up to $1,700 less.
Canine Problems

5 Dog Breeds a Vet Loves But Wouldn't Own

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Dollar Hauler

Dollar Tree Items to Buy Before a Price Hike

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Mother Load

9 "Great" Mother's Day Gifts at Dollar Tree

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Unwanted Gains

4 Foods That Make It Hard to Lose Weight

According to a fitness coach.
Night Terrors

How to Stop Peeing in the Middle of the Night

Three easy doctor-approved tips to beat "nocturia"
Snack Attack

The Best Snacks for Burning Belly Fat

Opt for these healthy treats, fitness coach says.
Dollar Deals

8 Warnings From Ex-Dollar Tree Employees

Make sure you really get the most for your money.
Staphing Issues

The Two Germiest Areas in Hotel Rooms

New data shows where staph is hiding.
No-Buy January

How to Save Money with a Spending "Detox"

Finance experts weigh in.
Bunker Inn

5 Ways to Winterize Your Home

These tips can save you "thousands."
Winding Up

How "Extreme" Storms Will Affect Your Region

Watch out for straight-line winds.
Brown Friday

How to Avoid Thanksgiving Plumbing Issues

Keep things running smoothly.
What She's Having

Why People Fake Orgasms, New Study Says

Two out of five people fake it in the bedroom.
Field Goals

The 22 Most Popular NFL Players, Per Research

New study pinpoints the buzziest football players.
Snake Signals

Top Signs There Are Snakes in Your Yard

Be extra alert for these tells.
Fame Game

Famous People Are Born in These 10 States

A-listers don't come from just anywhere.
Slim Fast

5 Ways to Lose Weight Fast From a Diet Coach

A few small steps make a huge difference
Final Countdown

The 10 Best Ways to Lose 10 Pounds Fast

Say farewell to those last few pounds.