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Shoppers Find 5 Pottery Barn Dupes at Walmart for Up to $1,700 Less

Why spend more when you can get (almost) the same for less?

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Pottery Barn is known for its array of high-end furnishings and stylish décor items. But if the latest TikTok design trend is any indication, you can get Pottery Barn looks for Walmart prices—literally. According to seasoned shoppers, you can find a litany of Pottery Barn dupes at Walmart for significantly slashed prices.

To be clear, these aren't legitimate carbon copies. They're decorating items that, to the naked eye, look more or less identical to those you can find at Pottery Barn. We're talking tables with near-identical silhouettes, lamps with imperceptible variations, and even sets of drinking glasses that could effortlessly fit right into Pottery Barn's spring line. Here, without further ado, are five of the best Pottery Barn dupes you can find at Walmart right now.

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Round Pedestal Dining Table

A round table is one of the big Pottery Barn dupes at Walmart

Few things tie a dining room together like a solid round table, and few pieces are more exemplary of the form than Pottery Barn's Benchwright Round Pedestal Extending Dining Table, which retails for $2,000. But you can get fundamentally the same thing for a fraction of the price at Walmart.

As the lifestyle content creator Autumn Thompson pointed out on TikTok, Walmart's Finch Alfred round dining table is a bit less artistically burnished but features the same shape, the same hue, and the same triangular trusses at Pottery Barn's offering. And best of all, it's only $297.

Stoneware Dinner Collection


Watch out Pottery Barn! ⁣⁣⁣ ⁣ ✨ Linked in my LTK shop (see bio) ✨⁣ ⁣⁣ Get the designer look for less with Walmart's new stoneware dinnerware collection. This budget friendly set echoes the Larkin set, but for $130 less! The speckled, reactive glaze is absolutely gorgeous and the perfect color for spring and summer. ⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣ #dinnerware #homedecorideas #dinnerpartyideas #budgetfriendly #partyhosting #dinnerset #hostingideas #walmartfinds #potterybarndupe

♬ Sunrise – Official Sound Studio

The Larkin Reactive Glaze Stoneware set at Pottery Barn comprises 16 pieces of sumptuous yet refined dinnerware, including mugs, bowls, and plates (in two sizes), and sells for $200. But as LTK creator and home style influence Lauren Jenkins showed in a recent TikTok, you can get convincing dupes from Walmart for more than $150 less.

One option? The Mainstays Glazed White Stoneware Set, which sells for $11. While it doesn't include mugs, it still comes with 12 pieces, including bowls and plates, all done up with the same hue as Pottery Barn's offerings.

Alternatively, the Better Homes & Gardens Abbot White collection—which includes mugs but also has a slightly different patina than Pottery Barn's—retails for $50.

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Fern Planters


Run!! My viral planters are perfect for an outdoor refresh! I'll take the more affordable option and the fake fern completes the look! Link found on my profile.

♬ Fire for You (Sped Up) – Cannons

Fluted fern planters are one of those furnishings that quietly but significantly elevate the exterior style of any home they're placed in front of. They're also not cheap. But as Mariana Agudelo, a décor and lifestyle influencer who goes by @beigewhitegray on social media, pointed out in a recent TikTok video, you can get Pottery Barn-looking planters for Walmart prices.

The Concrete Fluted Outdoor Planter is available at Pottery Barn in seven sizes, with the roughly 16-inch variety coming in at $150. But Agudelo pointed out that the Better Homes & Gardens Ellan White Resin Planter (the item was out of stock at the time of publishing) of the same size—not to mention the same shape, style, and color—is $30.

Table Lamps

Pottery Barn's table lamps are stylish yet reserved, accentuating a room without overpowering it—though not at a low cost. Allison McFadden, a lifestyle influencer who operates the popular Everyday Shortcuts blog, pointed out on TikTok that Walmart stocks table lamps that bear a strong resemblance to Pottery Barn offerings.

First up is a beige terra cotta table lamp for $30. (Pottery Barn version: the Anders Tall Terra Cotta Table Lamp, $349.) Next is a faux wood cylindrical lamp base for $20. (Pottery Barn version: the Steve Wood Table Lamp, $279.) And last but not least is a spherical gray number for just $11. (Pottery Barn version: the Gleason Ceramic Table Lamp, $319.)

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Multicolored Glass Tumblers

Green glassware sits on a counter as one of the Pottery Barn dupes at Walmart

Nothing beats a cool drink in a decadently hued glass. At Pottery Barn, a set of six such tumblers—like these Moroccan Handcrafted Recycling Drinking Glasses—can cost you nearly $50. But McFadden said you can get more or less the same thing at Walmart for a quarter of the price.

Case in point: These old-fashioned tumblers are $2.50 a pop and available in multiple colors, though note that McFadden appeared to find options in-store only for $1.50. Alternatively, if you're OK to stick with a single color, a set of eight green-tinted clear glasses runs for $17. Bottoms up!

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