Oprah's Favorite Sheets Cost $439?! Here Are 5 Affordable Dupes

You could sleep just as softly with these much more affordable bedding options.

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The sheer amount of time we spend in bed is part of the reason why many justify spending a significant portion of their home decor budget on premium mattresses and bedding. And even though everyone has their own preferences regarding sheets, it can help when someone recommends a particular brand—especially when it's someone as influential as Oprah. But while her favorite bedding is highly reviewed, it's also pretty pricey at $439 for a king set. That's why we set out to find the best Cozy Earth sheets dupes.

Oprah first put this brand on the map in 2018, when she included their bamboo sheets on her highly-regarded "favorite things" list, calling them "the softest ever" and noting that they "may help regulate body temperature, meaning both chilly sleepers and hot flashers can get a good night's rest." In the four years since, she's included other soft and luxurious products from Cozy Earth on her annual list.

Hoping to give these sheets a try but don't want to fork over hundreds of dollars? Experts say there are other fantastic options for a fraction of the price. Read on for the best Cozy Earth sheets dupes, as picked by retail experts.

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5 Cozy Earth Sheets Dupes

1. Made Trade Bamboo Sateen Sheet Set

A set of cream sheets from Made Trade on a bed
Made Trade

Bamboo sheets have spiked in popularity thanks to their comfortability and environmental benefits. And according to Julie Ramhold, consumer analyst with DealNews.com, the Made Trade Bamboo Sateen Sheet Set stands out as an excellent option using the material.

"These are definitely still pricey, but a queen set of these will only set you back $229 rather than nearly $400 for the Cozy Earth sheets," she says. "The business is women-owned, the sheets are vegan, and are made from 100 percent sustainable materials—which in this case is organic Bamboo lyocell."

Ramhold explains that these sheets have a 300 thread count—which is the equivalent of 1,000 thread count in cotton sets—and are Oeko-Tex certified with a "silky smooth texture." But there is still one caveat.

"One thing to keep in mind is that if you tend to be a hot sleeper, sateen weaves may make you feel hotter, so definitely look into the best weaves before shelling out a significant amount of cash on bamboo sheets," she suggests.

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2. Cariloha's Classic Bamboo Bed Sheet Set

A set of Tahitian Breeze colored Cariloha Bamboo Bed Sheets on a mattress with a white comforter

Oprah's pick is part of a growing trend in the sheet market. But if you don't want to break the bank on bedding, retail experts say there are other excellent bamboo sheet options for less.

"The Cariloha Classic Bamboo Bed Sheet Set offers a finish that is three degrees cooler than cotton," Samantha Landau, consumer expert at TopCashback, tells Best Life. "Additionally, Cariloha carries a similar color line to Cozy Earth. Their version starts at $199—and by signing up for their Bamboo Nation rewards program, you can score $50 off."

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3. Under the Canopy Organic Sateen Sheet Set

A set of Under the Canopy white organic cotton sheets
Under the Canopy

Of course, there are plenty of bedding options made from more traditional materials. And in the case of Under the Canopy Organic Sateen Sheet Set, they can even be an even more eco-friendly choice.

"These sheets are made from cotton, not bamboo, but they come in at $118 for a queen-sized set compared to the higher prices of those above," says Ramhold. "It's another sateen weave, so again, research is needed to determine if you'll be comfortable with this particular feel. But these are 100 percent long-staple organic cotton, Oeko-Tex certified, plus the sheets come in a reusable organic cotton bag rather than plastic packaging."

She also mentions that the fitted sheet has 360-degree elastic for a tailored fit, which should "theoretically make changing sheets easier than some other brands."

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4. Nest Bedding Bamboo Sheet Set

A slate-colored Nest bamboo sheet set on a mattress

Bedding is the type of product you really need to experience before you find the best match, making it a notoriously risky purchase. Fortunately, Nest Bedding offers an easy solution with its own bamboo sheet sets.

"With the same cooling effect, Nest Bedding's option also lets you try out the sheets for 30 nights to make sure they are the right fit," says Landau. "These sheets  also have a 4.6 out of 5-star rating with reviewers noting the softness of the sheets, in particular."

The best part? She says the Nest bamboo sheet set starts at $86.80 for a twin set and $113 for a queen set, which is well over $100 cheaper than Oprah's favorite Cozy Earth option.

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5. Bedsure Bamboo Cooling Sheet Set

A woman setting a Bedsure viscose cooling sheet outdoors

A great set of sheets doesn't necessarily need to spike into the triple digits. Shoppers can still get great value that suits their specific sleeping needs even when they're on a budget.

"The most promising budget alternative to Cozy Earth's sheet set is the Bamboo Cooling Sheet Set from Bedsure," says Landau. "Reviewers praised the luxurious feel of the sheet set, as well as its superior cooling effects."

If you're trying to make sure your sheets fit the look of your room as well as keep you comfortable, she notes that Bedsure's option also has a wider color variety than the other options mentioned.

"Starting at $48.99, Bedsure's Bamboo Cooling Sheet Set is a much more affordable alternative to the Cozy Earth set—without sacrificing quality," she says.

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