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The Secret Way to Get Up to 50% Off Furniture From Anthropologie and Pottery Barn

It requires a little inside knowledge.

Furnishing any space at any time is a challenge, but even more so in recent years, when supply chain issues have led to extraordinary wait times and soaring prices.

Because of the problem, many shoppers have turned to alternative ways to get their items. For example, as opposed to waiting anywhere from a few weeks to a few months for a made-to-order dining room table, you could find one at the local vintage shop or an online antiques retailer like 1stDibs or Kaiyo, which can ship your item instantly.

However, if you want name-brand pieces and steep discounts, there's a major shopping secret only the pros know: floor model sales.

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During these events, which often happen at brick-and-mortar stores a few times a year, the retailer marks down the prices of the furniture it keeps on the floor. Plus, because the products are in stock (they're sitting out on the floor at the store, after all!), you can typically get them in your home quickly, if not on the same day.

According to That Outlet Girl, 28 Anthropologie Design Centers around the country—in places like California, Michigan, Washington, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, and more—offer sample furniture for up to 50 percent off. "Floor sample furniture sales start in September and March of every year and last 2-3 weeks," she explains.

The sales offer coveted pieces, too. "I found the Emma mirror, Mavis chandelier, Oak Farmhouse chair and three Perch stools for 50% off at the Walnut Creek Design Center," she says.

To stay on top of your center's next sale, give them a call and ask to be added to the notification list.

If you see a piece on the floor that you are interested in on your next run to Anthro, you needn't wait until a sample sale, either. "Ask an employee if it's up for grabs," write the pros at House Beautiful. You might just be able to walk home with it!

That Outlet Girl says that Pottery Barn has closeout sales, too, though they can be more difficult to predict since they don't happen on a set schedule.

"From what I've gathered, it seems like they might target you based on your location and shoot you an email when there's a sale happening," she says. "Just to give you an idea, I got an email about a sample sale at my local store in late August 2022, which was great. But, funny enough, I didn't hear a peep about a Pottery Barn [floor] sample sale happening way over in Glen Mills, PA, in December of the year before."

Pottery Barn's sales are typically between 10 and 40 percent off—so again, there are steep savings to be had.

Of course, you'll want to inspect each item you purchase from the floor for damage and ensure it's the kind that you don't mind living with. If you find a major issue, it's also worth asking if a bigger discount is available. You could walk out with the deal of a century!

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