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Inside Restoration Hardware Outlet and Its 90% Off Furniture Deals

These stores could put the high-end decor within reach of your remodeling budget.

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If you've ever dipped your toe into the world of high-end decor, there's a good chance you've fawned over furniture from Restoration Hardware. The retailer—which recently shortened its name to RH—has earned a reputation as one of the best resources for anything from sophisticated sofas to chic chandeliers and everything in between. Many also know that the store's refined-looking items tend to carry a hefty price tag. However, if you're looking to remodel on a more modest budget, you can take advantage of the furniture deals available at the Restoration Hardware Outlet. Read on to see how to score discounts of up to 90 percent off.

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Shoppers can score great deals on high-end furniture at Restoration Hardware Outlet.

A Restoration Hardware or RH store located inside a shopping mall
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Getting any kind of savings on furniture can be a serious game changer when you're looking to update your home. But if you've counted out higher-end stores like Restoration Hardware, think again: You can likely score some fantastic deals if you're willing to visit an RH outlet location.

Don't feel too bad if you're unfamiliar with the retailer's discount stores. The company's website does not mention how many locations it operates or where they're even located. But the lesser-known shopping secret is beginning to spread thanks to social media.

In a video posted in Feb. 2022, TikTok user @feelathom peruses offerings at an RH Outlet in Vero Beach, Florida. A quick scan of price tags reveals several deals, including a teak armchair discounted from $1,400 to $867, a large desk cut down from $2,530 to $1,640, and a dining table reduced from $4,700 to $2,820—all in seemingly top condition.

Another video posted in July by @letthemeatthis tours the Chandler, Arizona, location of the retailer's outlet. They say the condition of the furniture was "almost brand new for most of the items," adding they found everything from "duvet covers, furniture, [and] pillows," as well as housewares and art. They also explain that discounts start at 50 percent—and go all the way up to 90 percent off.

The stores have even attracted some celebrity clientele. In a video posted in June, Real Housewives of New York City alum and entrepreneur Bethenny Frankel claims she knows the outlet so well that she "could work here." She then follows an employee named Marion, proving her knowledge—even admitting she tried to help a customer during her walk-around—highlighting some of the store's best deals, including the Maxwell model sofa she had in a previous apartment.

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Deals on items appear to get better the longer they stay on the showroom floor.

The interior of a Restoration Hardware or RH show room with chairs, a sofa, and a chandelier
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As is implied, the existence of any outlet makes it easy to score a great deal on items you're looking to pick up. And while it comes down to where you live, it might be worth making the trek to take advantage of the savings—especially since they're spread across 21 states, Julie Ramhold, a consumer analyst with, tells Best Life.

Just keep in mind that the selection and prices will vary based on location, as will the quality of the goods. "As the merchandise at these stores can include items that were returned as well as those with manufacturing defects, there's a chance that they'll have damage to some degree," she warns. "That damage could be extremely obvious or more slight cosmetic imperfections. However, merchandise can also include items that were simply overproduced, so don't let the fear of damaged goods scare you away from checking these stores out."

She notes that at most outlets, items that hang around long enough will see deeper discounts as time passes—potentially being discounted further each week. "Some shoppers have reported items reaching discounts as high as 90 to 95 percent off, so if you're near a Restoration Hardware outlet store, it's worth checking on products every few days to see if prices have dropped further," she suggests.

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You won't have to worry about picking up lower-quality furniture.

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Unlike some companies that produce lines specifically for their discount locations, items at RH outlets are the exact same products you'd find in regular Restoration Hardware stores. This means you can still expect high-grade quality—even if it's been damaged in transit—so you won't have to worry about quality being lesser just because it comes at a smaller cost, Ramhold says.

However, beware that not everything in an outlet store will drop all the way to a rock-bottom price. "It seems that items that were produced in excess may see markdowns to outlet prices but may not see further discounts," she cautions. "For example, an item that regularly goes for $2,500 in a standard Restoration Hardware store may only see a discount to $1,500 or so at an outlet store. That doesn't mean it's a bad deal, but it's good to temper your expectations ahead of time so that you aren't holding off on something you love, hoping for a better price that will never come."

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There are a few essential things to keep in mind before you make any big purchases.

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While you can count on finding deals at any Restoration Hardware Outlet, it's important to remember that it's not just the prices that are different. Ramhold suggests keeping a few things in mind before you decide to take anything home.

"Like other outlet stores, it's best to assume all sales are final at RH Outlet, but definitely ask when shopping to be sure," she suggests. "It's also worth reading up on how other shoppers have negotiated even better discounts at RH Outlet stores so you can try your hand at snagging a lower price. Keep in mind your experience may vary, so don't count on getting the lower price, but it can't hurt to try—just be sure to be polite when haggling to increase the odds, though."

She also points out that some shoppers report RH Outlet stores can't hold or ship items, which means anyone making a serious trek to visit one should be prepared to lug anything major home on the spot.

"Additionally, if you see something with a clearance tag and you're curious about future markdowns, take a picture of the tag so you'll know a rough schedule of when the next one is coming," she says. "That said, waiting can always mean you end up missing out entirely, so be cautious with this strategy."

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