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Crate & Barrel Outlet Sells Furniture for 65% Off—Are the Deals Worth It?

Experts weigh on in how to score major discounts on the high-end furnishings and decor.

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Most shoppers hoping to redecorate their homes with high-end furniture from stores like Crate & Barrel will wait for big sales to get the most bang for their buck. But if you want a year-round way to save money that doesn't involve finding a convincing dupe, it's also possible to take advantage of the retailer's outlet locations. Of course, relying on the discounted option can pose its own set of issues or even end up being a waste of time. Read on to see if shopping for furniture at the Crate & Barrel outlet is worth the trip—even if it's for 65 percent off.

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You can find deep discounts on high-end furniture and home goods at Crate & Barrel outlet locations.

The exterior of a Crate & Barrel store
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It's no secret that outlet locations can be a decent way to find the items you want for less. But while some major stores are fixtures on the discount shopping scene, fewer shoppers realize that Crate & Barrel runs an outlet division of its own where many of its popular pieces are available for a fraction of the price.

According to the retailer's website, there are currently over a dozen locations open that carry "high-quality home décor, furnishings, Crate & Kids furniture and décor items, and even CB2 furniture and décor clearance items," with more expected to open soon. And of course, the stores' inventories include plenty of items at a major markdown.

In a video posted on June 7, TikTok user @shylahmay tours a location, gushing that their "dream desk" was available for 65 percent off the original price. She also points out other items, including a coffee table marked from $999 to $225, a rattan chair discounted from $999 to $450, and a nightstand originally sold for $749 discounted to $337.

Another TikTok user posted a similar video detailing an outlet in Arizona, showing that while some items had considerable damage, others looked brand new. And yet another post was shocked that "no one is talking about" the Dallas location, saying they were "shocked at how clean and organized it was" and complimenting the wide selection of items from glassware to furniture.

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The limited number of stores may mean it's too far to visit one easily.

A Crate & Barrel furniture showroom
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If you're surprised to learn about the existence of Crate & Barrel outlets, you're not alone: Julie Ramhold, a consumer analyst with, said she was unaware of them until recently. However, there's still somewhat of a catch to taking advantage of them.

"If you're a fan of Crate & Barrel, I would absolutely say it's worth seeing where you can find the nearest outlet store, but it may not be easy to visit depending on your location," she says. "According to the website, they're only available in 12 states, and most of them only have one location per state—though New Jersey has two and California has four."

This could create a serious inconvenience for people who don't live near one of the locations. "Delivery may be available depending on the distance, but it could also push up the costs and negate some of the savings," Ramhold says.

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But the savings can really add up.

A mature woman and her daughter looking around a furniture store together for new furniture for home. They are looking for an item that the daughter has up on her phone, that she has seen online.

Success at any outlet can come down to good luck and timing as new inventory comes in. Ramhold says the same rules apply here, where noteworthy savings exist but can vary based on location and category.

"I've seen evidence of 40 percent off the lowest ticket price but also social media accounts showing up to 80 percent off the lowest price," she says. "If you do shop at one of these stores, pay attention to the ticket price and look for signs in that section of the store to determine if you can stack extra discounts."

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The experience could be hit or miss and might require a little patience.

The exterior of a Crate & Barrel store
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Just like any discount shopping model, checking out a Crate & Barrel outlet can provide some unique opportunities to bring high-end items within your budget. But even if the discounts are decent, you'll still have to be willing to roll the same dice on inventory when budgeting your time.

"It's important to note that quality and selection will vary," Ramhold tells Best Life. "Stores will get different shipments at different times, and the items may vary based on which store they're coming from. Some products may be in excellent condition—basically brand new—but other items may be damaged or defective in some way."

Because of this, she says it's a good idea to thoroughly check products before you purchase them and make sure that even the damaged merchandise is priced reasonably for the condition. And unless you have your heart set on a find, consider other essential rules of outlet shopping.

"If you're not close enough to the store to make an easy trip, then it's also important to see if there's any possibility of returns and prepare accordingly," she suggests. "And of course, it's best to be prepared for all sales to be final."

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