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4 Secrets Bob's Furniture Doesn't Want You to Know

Experts dish on what's really going on at the home furnishings retailer.

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Despite having a generic-sounding name, Bob's Discount Furniture is something of a standout in the retail world. Of course, many are familiar with the chain thanks to its heavy use of TV commercials to promote the business. But according to data company Scrape Hero, the retailer also has a relatively wide footprint with 169 stores across 24 states. And if you're considering remodeling on a budget or simply want to get the best bang for your buck on a new sofa, you can still get a leg up with some inside information. Read on for the secrets Bob's Discount Furniture doesn't want you to know, according to experts.

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You can dodge interest with multiple financing options.

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With a "discount" built right into the name, shoppers often seek out Bob's when they're looking to save some money on a major furniture purchase—even if it's a significant investment. And like other furniture stores, the retailer offers financing options for items that make it easier to pay off over time.

But experts point out that you can avoid extra costs in the long run if you pick the right plan.

"Depending on how much you're planning to spend, Bob's Discount Furniture offers a few different financing options that allow you to avoid paying interest as long as you pay in full within six or 12 months of purchase based on the amount you spend," consumer expert Andrea Woroch tells Best Life. "There is a $249 minimum purchase required to qualify for the 6-month no-interest financing option and a $499 minimum purchase required for the 12-month interest-fee financing option."

It's essential to understand the return and exchange policy before you buy.

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Changing your mind about an outfit you've recently purchased is one thing. However, it's an entirely different situation if you realize the sectional sofa you just bought isn't to your liking and you want to return it.

And if you've been shopping at Bob's Discount Furniture, second-guessing your purchase might create a difficult situation.

"One of the things about Bob's Discount Furniture that gets the most negative reviews is the exchange and cancellation policy," says Michael Podolsky, CEO and co-founder of the consumer advocacy platform, which allows users to submit reviews of popular companies.

Because of this, he says it's important to "always read what is written in small letters" and to ask questions about whatever is unclear about returns and exchanges.

"Avoid impulse buying—especially when inflation is still at a high rate—and make an informed purchase decision," he suggests.

In an email to Best Life, a spokesperson for Bob's Discount Furniture wrote: "Outstanding customer service and the ultimate satisfaction of our customers is and will always remain the cornerstone of what defines Bob's Discount Furniture. It's the Bob's Way to be open, honest, and clear and our simple and transparent refund and return policy is readily available on our website under Returns & Exchanges."

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Shop the outlet section first.

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Furniture shopping is the kind of experience that many customers prefer to do in person, if only so they can test out the items for comfortability and durability. But if you're looking for a real bargain, experts point out that the company's online offerings can make it even easier to score a great deal.

"Bob's Discount Furniture is known for affordable furniture and home accents, but you can save even more through their outlet center available directly through their website," says Woroch. "It's a real treasure trove that features markdowns on already low-priced goods."

Shop at the end of the season.

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Sometimes, getting the best deal on an item can come down to coordinating a purchase around an annual sale event or finding a special rebate. But just like clothing, some types of furniture go through seasonal releases and price shifts.

That's why experts say if you're not in a rush, it can pay to wait until the right time of year to buy what you need.

"For seasonal items such as outdoor patio furniture, wait to buy these goods at the end of the season when you can snag even better savings at Bob's," says Woroch.

Despite expert intel, a spokesperson for Bob's Discount Furniture maintained that the store does not run seasonal sales in an email to Best Life.

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