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Walmart Sells a West Elm Floor Lamp Dupe—Is It Just as Good?

You might be able to swap in an affordable option on your next lighting purchase.

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Even though any lamp in the world can literally brighten a room, finding the one that matches your interior perfectly can be illuminating. Despite how common they are, lamps can be quite pricey additions to your decor—especially if you're perusing a high-end shop like West Elm and fall in love with something out of your range. Fortunately, you can sometimes get lucky and find a convincingly similar version of the same lighting fixture for a fraction of the price. Read on to learn more about the West Elm floor lamp dupe that Walmart sells and to find out whether or not it's worth your design budget.

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You can find a cheaper version of a West Elm floor lamp at Walmart—and even on Amazon.

A Gymax floor lamp illuminated in a bedroom

West Elm's Sphere and Stem lighting collection is a series that captures the design moment, using thin metal work and eye-catching frosted orbs in everything from mounted sconces to chandeliers. But while the collection's floor lamp stands as a chic piece, its $299 price tag puts it beyond the budgetary limit of most shoppers.

However, fans of the style might be shocked to find there's a strikingly similar option available at Walmart. The Gymax Sphere LED Floor Lamp bears an uncanny resemblance to the high-end piece, featuring two orbs and a slim, metallic stand—except this one currently costs just $75.99.

And it's not the only version: Amazon has two nearly identical items available for purchase. One is a Brightec Sphere Floor Lamp that retails for $64.99; the other is the Mid-Century Modern glass floor lamp by VerRon, which sells for even less at $44.99.

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Experts say a few positive things stand out about the cheaper options.

A West Elm Sphere floor lamp in a matte black finish
West Elm

Even if the lower price tag sets off alarm bells in your head, shoppers interested in the West Elm piece's brass finish could arguably get away with adding the Amazon options to their shopping carts. According to Julie Ramhold, consumer analyst with, the VerRon option might be even more appealing, because it's also available in "antique" and "classic" finishes.

"The colors of the finishes are classified as brass and gold, respectively, so this antique finish may be closer to what shoppers want from the West Elm lamp," she says. "Plus, it's the most affordable option out of the bunch, whichever finish you choose."

Customers have also vouched for the products. "Reviewers noted the ease of putting the Walmart lamp together while loving how it elevated their space," says Samantha Landau, consumer expert at TopCashback. "Additionally, they noted great functionality—specifically mentioning how bright the light is. And remember: You're saving over $200 by shopping at Walmart instead, making the big-box retailer your best bet for trendy home lighting on a budget."

And don't forget functionality: Ramhold notes that the alternatives have foot switches, which can make them easier to turn on. Meanwhile, the West Elm lamp has an inline switch, "which may be less convenient," she says.

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But there are still some drawbacks.

Walmart is an American corporation with chains of department and warehouse stores. Walmart has more than 11,000 stores in 27 countries.

It can be easy to lose sight of important details once you've spotted a convincing replica with a smaller price tag. In this case, there are still certain drawbacks to consider—especially with regard to durability and construction.

"All of the West Elm alternatives feature the same two frosted globes just like the West Elm lamp, but only the West Elm one has the larger marble base," says Ramhold. "Because of that, shoppers opting for the more affordable options may want to test the stability of the lamps as those may have lighter weight bases and could tip more easily," noting there's a difference of at least six pounds between the cheaper and higher-end versions.

And space considerations could matter as well: Both Amazon options stand slightly taller than the West Elm offering.

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Consider what you're looking for in a lamp before deciding which to purchase.

A West Elm storefront
Vineyard Perspective/Shutterstock

As is the case whenever a dupe purchase is on the line, the ultimate decision comes down to how the sacrifices of the cheaper item align with your personal preferences. But Ramhold says even though it might seem like you're limited to specific finishes with the dupes, you might still be able to get the look you're going for.

"The Brightech lamp at Amazon also comes in a black finish for around $75," she points out. "While it's more expensive than the brass and gold finishes, it may be the one that most closely resembles the West Elm lamp, even though it's not necessarily matte."

So long as you're not overly concerned with keen-eyed guests pointing out the differences, the Walmart and Amazon options might be worth picking up—especially considering customers' opinions. "The Brightech lamp has a rating of 4.6 stars, while the VerRon lamp has 4.5 stars, and the Gymax lamp at Walmart has a rating of 4.1 stars," says Ramhold. "Given the price and the overall ratings, these are probably decent options to consider if you're on a budget—even if they won't 'feel' like West Elm."

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