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Shoppers Say These 10 Dollar Tree Products Look Like HomeGoods for Just $1.25

You can find surprisingly expensive-looking items at the affordable retailer.

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While you may head to Dollar Tree for the usual finds such as greeting cards and groceries, if you take the time to look, you can find some unexpected treasures. Many shoppers have touted the discount chain's quality beauty products, and Dollar Tree has also become a destination for home decor items for some. In fact, Dollar Tree devotees recently took to TikTok to reveal some of their latest finds, which they say look just like products you might buy at HomeGoods. Read on for the 10 products they recommend grabbing for just $1.25.

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Candlestick holders

shopper holding gold dollar tree candle holder
Copyright @brookieeeeee5 / TikTok

First up on this list are decorative candlestick holders that a TikToker named Brooke (@brookieeeeee5) found at her local Dollar Tree earlier this month.

"These golden candlestick holders with the leaves are so cute, and they kind of remind me of something you'd see in HomeGoods," Brooke says in an April 14 video. "They also come in a bunch of different sizes, so you can make something really pretty out of those."

Arched black mirrors

black arched mirrors at dollar tree
Copyright @brookieeeeee5 / TikTok

Another favorite is a decorative arched mirror. It comes in black, but if you have some DIY skills, you can customize it as you see fit.

In an April 18 video, @bargain.bethany revealed her process of transforming the mirrors from black to gold.

"Dollar Tree is carrying these arched mirrors right now, but the frame is black," she shares "I decided to paint mine gold so it would look nice amongst my other gold arched mirrors. It's inexpensive to paint the frames gold, and it elevates them so much."

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Arched black picture frames

dollar tree picture frames painted gold
Copyright @bargain.bethany / TikTok

Dollar Tree is also selling arched black picture frames that are a similar style but a bit smaller than the arched mirrors. While you can definitely keep them as they are, @bargain.bethany opted to paint the frames gold too—and she grabbed some Dollar Tree prints to fill them with.

"I picked up some canvas art from Dollar Tree, [and] I cut it down to fit the inside of one of the new Dollar Tree arched picture frames that I painted gold. They look so chic amongst all my gold mirrors," she says. (In the video, you can see the arched black mirror she painted gold resting behind the frames.)


soothing scent candles at dollar tree
Copyright@dollartreesqueen / TikTik

HomeGoods is a go-to spot for candle lovers, but you should know that you can find comparable options at Dollar Tree. In an April 11 video, @dollartreesqueen took her followers through her local store to check out the latest inventory.

Among her finds were cream-colored candles with wooden lids and a "soothing" scent. With their simple labels and neutral color, these candles are a stylish steal.

Glass storage jars

glass jars from dollar tree
Copyright @bargain.bethany / TikTok

Storage jars have their own aisle at most HomeGoods, but @bargain.bethany also found some at Dollar Tree, adding some of her own labels for a chic, modern look.

"These glass jars with wooden lids are perfect for storing seasonings and spices," she says in the April 11 video. "The plus side is they're air-tight."

Ceramic candle warmers

ceramic candle warmers from dollar tree
Copyright @bargain.bethany / TikTok

In her video, @bargain.bethany spotted ceramic candle warmers, which look very similar to wooden options you'd find at a home decor store like HomeGoods.

While they make an impression on their own, @bargain.bethany styled the candle warmers by gluing them together and creating different-sized pillars.

"I made a large, medium, and small pillar candle holder for $7.50—just one already made usually costs more than that," she tells her followers.

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Framed mirrors

framed mirrors from dollar tree sitting on a fireplace
Copyright @bargain.bethany / TikTok

Dollar Tree's framed mirrors are another HomeGoods-esque find. They'd look great displayed individually, but @bargain.bethany recommends a way to elevate them.

"You can buy some of them, glue them together with a heavy-duty glue like E6000, and then put some foam board on the back to secure everything in place," she explains. "You're left with these beautiful framed mirrors that are great to put on a mantel."

Wicker baskets

wicker baskets at dollar tree
Copyright @dollartreesqueen / TikTok

In her video, @dollartreesqueen also spotted some cute wicker storage baskets. You may see similar ones at HomeGoods for reasonable prices, but probably not as low as $1.25 each!

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Stackable wine organizers

dollar tree stackable wine organizers
Copyright @bargain.bethany / TikTok

There's no reason storage solutions can't be stylish—and @bargain.bethany illustrates just that with otherwise plain stackable wine organizers from Dollar Tree.

"These wine stackable organizers … are great—but not only to hold wine bottles—[they can also] hold water bottles and shaker bottles," she says.

Decorative solar lights

dollar tree solar lights
Copyright @simplisticallyliving / TikTok

If you are looking for some decor you can put outside, check out Dollar Tree. TikToker Brittanie (@simplisticallyliving) found cute and sustainable options.

"I found new solar lights," she said in an April 17 video. "These look like little flowers, and they came in orange and purple. These are also just $1.25."

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