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10 New "Designer" Beauty Items at Dollar Tree for Just $1.25

Spend less to restock your makeup and skincare collection by shopping here.

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These days, we have to spend so much on groceries and other essentials that we end up putting our beauty needs on hold. But if you stop shopping at retailers like Ulta and Sephora, you might find that you can still get what you want without going over budget. Self-proclaimed "shopping haul queen" Melissa Houser took to her TikTok account @mhouser12 on April 15 to share some of the bargain-friendly makeup, skincare, hair, and nail finds she's recently discovered while shopping at Dollar Tree. Curious to know what she recommends? Read on for 10 new "designer" beauty items from Dollar Tree for just $1.25.

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Makeup brush holders

still from TikTok of makeup brush holders being sold at Dollar Tree

The first thing grabbing Houser's attention during her Dollar Tree shopping spree is a collection of makeup brush holders.

"How cute are these for traveling? You already know I'm getting this cherry one," she says. The other designs she shows include lemons and flowers.

Don't need a case to hold any makeup brushes? Houser already has another idea for how you can use this beauty find.

"This would even be good to put your toothbrush in, it's like plenty big," she adds.

Lip products

still from TikTok of makeup from Maybelline being sold at Dollar Tree

Maybe it's Dollar Tree, maybe it's Maybelline—or maybe it's both? Houser says the discount retailer has "tons of new designer makeup in" from Maybelline. In the video, she shows a rack with the brand's Green Edition Balmy Lip Blushes—which could cost you $9 when buying from somewhere like Walmart instead.

Houser also points out a basket on a bottom shelf containing "tons" of L'Oreal lip products.

"What? I love this color," she says while picking up a reddish-pink bottle.

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Press-on nails

still from TikTok of fake nails being sold at Dollar Tree

Are you a fan of fake nails? Dollar Tree has something for you, too.

"Their nail game has been stepped up to the max. They've got some really pretty nails," Houser says while filming an aisle full of different press-on nail products.

Dollar Tree's collection at her store includes a pack that has a purple, pink, and white design with flowers and swirls, as well as a set of hot pink glow-in-the-dark nails.

Eye markers

still from TikTok of felt eye markers being sold at Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree is also expanding its eye makeup offerings, according to Houser.

"They have some new felt eye markers," she says, holding one product from L.A. Colors that claims to be "smudge proof."

One person was able to back up that claim in the comment section of Houser's TikTok.

"I swear by that eye marker," they responded. "I bartend and sweat a lot and she STAYS on my eyes."

Face wash and moisturizers

still from TikTok of Lumin skincare being sold at Dollar Tree

This next find elicited an excited gasp from Houser. She says Dollar Tree just restocked two products from the skincare brand Lumin: a face moisturizer and a charcoal face wash.

Lumin, which markets itself as a male skincare brand, is sold elsewhere—but not for as cheap as at Dollar Tree, according to Houser.

"These are $20 on Amazon you guys," she gushes.

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still from TikTok of Axe deodorant being sold at Dollar Tree

That isn't the only beauty win for men that Houser finds at Dollar Tree.

"Oh my gosh, they have guy's Axe deodorant," she says before immediately throwing one in her cart. "They're pretty much stocked on the men's deodorant."

Bath crystals

still from TikTok of bath crystals being sold at Dollar Tree

If you want to treat yourself to a luxurious bath experience, Houser says Dollar Tree has released new bath crystals as well. In her TikTok, she shows two Bath & Foot Crystals bottles from the brand Sence—one in a shea butter scent, and the other in a mint scent.

"Your moment of relaxation," the label on the bottles states.

If you have younger kids at home, she points out body wash bottles that feature the title character from beloved TV show Bluey.

Electrolyte drink mix

still from TikTok of electrolyte drink mix being sold at Dollar Tree

Beauty comes from within—and sometimes that's literal. Dollar Tree may be able to help.

"These are new," Houser says, picking up a pack of Hydramate Electrolyte Drink Mix. "It's just like the Liquid IV."

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Hair repairing spray

still from TikTok of split end fixer spray being sold at Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree isn't skimping out on the hair care either. In her video, Houser holds up a bottle of B Pure's Split End Fixer. The spray's packaging indicates that it "helps repair damaged hair."

"I wonder if this stuff works? It's for split ends," Houser says.

At least one person vouched for this product in the comment section of the TikTok.

"I started the split end mender a few days ago. I like it," they replied.

Travel jars

still from TikTok of travel jars being sold at Dollar Tree

The makeup brush holders aren't the only travel-related beauty item Houser finds on her trip to Dollar Tree. She also highlights a set of travel jars. The package comes with three 1.86 fl oz jars, each fitted with a different color lid: green, blue, or pink.

"These colorful containers would be really cute for travel for vitamins or lotions or shampoos," Houser shares.

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