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Beauty Expert Says These New Dollar Tree Makeup Items Are a "10 Out of 10"

Their quality rivals other top drugstore brands, she says.

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Dollar Tree can be a great place to snag unbeatable deals on beauty products. That said, you're likely to notice a wide range of quality at the discount store, meaning you'll have to know what to look for.

Alexis Simone, a beauty expert and content creator, says that one new beauty collection sold at the store, L.A. Colors Tropical Bloom, is a "10 out of 10." In fact, after trying the new products in various colorways, she says it's among her favorites. "Dollar Tree has a brand new makeup collection, and bestie, this might be one of the best collections I've tried," she said in a pair of recent TikTok posts.

Ready for a budget-friendly beauty collection that will transform your look? These are the four new Dollar Tree makeup products that Simon says are a "must-have."

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Beauty expert Alexis Simone showing off Dollar Tree blushes from LA Colors brand
Copyright @itsalexissimone / TikTok

The new L.A. Colors collection comes in three color stories, and Simone says she's a fan of them all. The trio of blushes on offer includes a peachy pink called Gazing, an orange-tinted pink called Sun Up, and a bright pink called Bloom.

"That is cute, and it's buttery," she said in the first TikTok post, while applying a swatch of Gazing to the back of her hand. She emphasizes that though they're "really pigmented," they're also easy to work with without applying too much color at once.

"They're cute. I love these… 10 out of 10. And they're $1.25—go to Dollar Tree," she adds.


Beauty expert Alexis Simone shows off Dollar Tree LA Colors lipstick
Copyright @itsalexissimone / TikTok

Next up in her video review, Simone checks out three shades of lipstick—each of which impresses her with its flattering color and pigmentation. Opening the packaging and looking at one fully extended lipstick, she says, "You get a lot of product for $1.25."

"There's no weird, waxy smell—it doesn't smell like anything," she adds. "It's a really hydrating formula. When you go like this," she says, pressing her lips together, "it's not breaking up, which is a must for me."

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Beauty expert Alexis Simone shows off Dollar Tree eyeshadow from LA Colors brand
Copyright @itsalexissimone / TikTok

Simone describes the eyeshadow palettes as smooth and pigmented—two plusses in the beauty expert's book. Each palette includes both matte and shimmer finishes, and she notes that the shimmer looks are "the star of the show."

"I'm telling you, these shades are giving Malibu Barbie. They're so pretty… L.A. Colors, they slayed this collection," she says in part two of her TikTok post.

"I truly stand by it. L.A. Colors eyeshadows are honestly better quality than a lot of drugstore brand eyeshadows. And this is a quarter of the price—not even a quarter, a twentieth," she says, calling the collection a "10 out of 10" and a "must-have."


Beauty expert Alexis Simone shows off Dollar Tree mascara from LA Colors brand
Copyright @itsalexissimone / TikTok

Finally, Simone tries out three mascaras in black, blue, and purple. While layering the product on her own eyelashes, she describes it as "a very lightweight mascara." In fact, she says it's among the "top five mascaras I've ever tried from Dollar Tree."

"I really have no complaints. If you shimmy it starting at the base, it lifts the lashes. It's an absolute yes," she says. However, she notes that the purple mascara was the least pigmented of the three, landing it lower on her list of favorites.

Overall, the beauty expert endorses the entire collection, which would have cost her a total of $15 for all 12 products. "If you find it, you better grab it because I'm telling you, every single product is a winner," she says.

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