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Hobby Lobby Employee Explains Why It's "Just an Expensive Dollar Tree Now"

Shoppers have noticed new inventory that feels abnormal for the craft store.

Unless there's a local small business you can head to when you want new yarn, fabric, or paint, you may rely on a chain like JOANN or Hobby Lobby for your arts and crafts needs. These options are great when you're in a pinch or prefer to stock up on supplies in person rather than order online—but now, shoppers say that Hobby Lobby is shifting away from its craft store roots, introducing new products that they're not exactly thrilled about. In light of some shoppers calling attention to Hobby Lobby's apparent inventory diversification, one employee is offering some clarity.

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TikToker Lyndsey Stamper (@lyndseystamper1) started the discussion with an April 11 video, filming herself at Hobby Lobby and asking her viewers to explain "what is going on."

"This used to be a craft store, now, I don't know what it is," Stamper says in the video, panning to shelves full of dishes, glassware, bedding, workout equipment, T-shirts, bathroom supplies, kitchen utensils, toys, and bedding.

In response to Stamper's request, TikToker @AsTheWorldBurns—who states he is a Hobby Lobby employee—attributes the changes to Hobby Lobby's inventory acquisition from a now-defunct chain.

"As someone who works at Hobby Lobby, let me explain to you what's going on," he says in an April 12 video, noting that the employees aren't too pleased with the new inventory either.

According to @AsTheWorldBurns, roughly a year ago, Hobby Lobby acquired inventory from a chain that "went under." While he doesn't explicitly state which chain that is, he hints that the retailer is Bed Bath & Beyond, which filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in April 2023 and closed its last stores that July.

"They went under and Hobby Lobby acquired all of their inventory—all of it—and now it's flooding our stores," @AsTheWorldBurns tells viewers. "It's been repackaged, rebranded, some of the stuff that they're able to do that with, but yeah, that's where all that stuff is coming from." purchased Bed Bath & Beyond's brand name, intellectual property, and e-commerce platform in June 2023 for $21.5 million, Reuters reported. The inventory, on the other hand, was sold through going-out-of-business sales, per The Wall Street Journal. Profits went to repay Wall Street firms that loaned the chain money.

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Stamper and @AsTheWorldBurns aren't the only ones who've picked up on the new products, with some shoppers pointing out that the prices leave much to be desired as well.

"It's just an expensive dollar tree now," one commenter wrote on @AsTheWorldBurn's video. On Stamper's video, another said that their Hobby Lobby "looks like Michaels met Home Goods."

Some customers also noted that they've struggled to find the craft supplies they came in for. Stamper said she's had similar experiences, responding to a comment and saying, "I go so often because they never have what I'm looking for."

Another added, "For the 1st time ever today I went in to Hobby Lobby and walked out with NOTHING! They had more toys and plates than home decor."

But while some crafters were put off by the addition of homewares and linens, other shoppers don't have a problem with it.

"Fine by me! I love hobby lobby and I loved BB&B so it's a win win for me!" a user commented on @AsTheWorldBurn's video. Another agreed, writing, "I love Hobby Lobby! It's still a craft store….its just more."

Best Life reached out to Hobby Lobby for comment on the inventory situation and will update the story when we hear back.

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