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Pharmacist Shares 5 OTC Medications to Buy at Dollar Tree for "Only $1.25"

Don't spend more than you have to on your health care needs.

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At one time or another, most of us have turned to Dollar Tree to get steep discounts on everything from makeup to party supplies. But even the most budget-conscious consumers might not think to use Dollar Tree for their health care needs. It might be time to change that: Grant Harting, a licensed pharmacist in three different states, took to his TikTok account @grant_harting on May 22 to post a video that could have you reconsidering where to pick up your over-the-counter (OTC) drugs. Read on for his recommendations of the best OTC medications you can get at Dollar Tree for just $1.25.

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Arthritis and Muscle Pain Relief Cream

Dollar Tree medications arthritis and muscle pain relief cream

The "best value" you're going to find down any Dollar Tree medication aisle is with their creams, according to Harting.

The first product he shows in his TikTok is the CareAll Arthritis & Muscle Pain Relief Cream, which has a capsaicin potency of .025 percent and comes in a 1.5-ounce tube for "only $1.25," Harting says.

"I mean, you're going to be looking at $6, $7, $8 anywhere else," the pharmacist explains.

Anti-Itch Cream

Dollar Tree medications anti-itch cream

Another "great deal" Harting says you can find among the creams at Dollar Tree is the CareAll Anti-Itch Cream.

This product contains the antihistamine diphenhydramine, which is the active ingredient in Benadryl, according to the pharmacist. The CareAll packaging even says you can compare its ingredients to those in Benadryl Extra Strength Cream.

"It's cheap," Harting says, referring to the Dollar Tree version.

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Oral Analgesic Gel

Dollar Tree medications oral analgesic

The Iodent Oral Analgesic Gel is another one of Harting's favorite Dollar Tree medications. This specific oral pain reliever contains a 20 percent formulation of the local anesthetic benzocaine—which is the same amount found in the maximum strength form of Orajel.

"This is definitely the best product," Harting says. "For $1.25, and you get almost an entire half-ounce? Like this is almost like a lifetime supply. This is seriously like $10, $11 at any other pharmacy."

At that value, Harting says that this is something he uses himself.

"This is the best product that Dollar Tree has," the pharmacist gushes. "I love it, I love it, I love it. It's great for the price, and it's a great strength, too."

Pain Relief PM

Dollar Tree medications pain relief PM

Dollar Tree also has its own discount version of what "most people would call Tylenol PM," Harting says.

The key difference is that a 24-count bottle of the retailer's ValuHealth Pain Relief PM is only $1.25, while the same size bottle of Tylenol PM will usually cost you $6 and up.

"This is a great deal," the pharmacist says.

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Cough Syrup

Dollar Tree medications night time cold and flu

Harting says he is a "big fan" of Dollar Tree's variety of cough syrups as well, showing bottles of Assured Tussin Cough & Chest Congestion DM and Ready in Case Nighttime Cold & Flu Relief.

"These are really good, like efficient bottles. You don't need a big bottle of this stuff, so it's better to buy these smaller bottles for only $1.25," the pharmacist explains. "If this is what you want, this is very cost-effective here."

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