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Dollar Tree Shoppers Find 9 $1.25 Beauty Dupes for Revlon, The Ordinary, and More

This discount retailer may have all the affordable alternatives you need.

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With retail prices still high across the board, many shoppers are shouting out their favorite finds from Dollar Tree. From summer must-haves to trendy home decor, you can score much cheaper options at this discount store—and that includes affordable alternatives for your favorite makeup and skincare brands. Read on to learn more about the nine beauty dupes shoppers have recently found at Dollar Tree. These stand in for brands like Revlon, The Ordinary, and more.

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Revlon Oil Absorbing Roller Dupe

Dollar Tree dupe for Revlon Oil-Absorbing Roller

For those who want to do away with their shiny, oily skin on the go, Revlon's Oil-Absorbing Volcanic Roller is considered a holy-grail product. But at $13.49, you may be better off going to your local Dollar Tree to find a dupe.

According to a May 15 video posted by the TikTok account @beau.thi.ful, the discount retailer sells its own version from the budget beauty brand B-Pure.

One shopper commented on the TikTok video that Dollar Tree's Oil Absorbing Roller "worked a little too well!"

The retailer is also selling a Rose Quartz Facial Roller, which is great for de-puffing the face, according to another commenter. Both are only $1.25.

The Ordinary Serum Dupes

Dollar Tree The Ordinary serum dupes

TikToker Victoria Sofia uploaded a video to her account @victoriasofia.m on May 16 to inform her followers that she had "finally found The Ordinary dupes" at Dollar Tree. The retailer sells alternatives for three of The Ordinary's popular serums: Retinol, Vitamin C, and Niacinamide.

"So the ingredients differ a little bit, but you can definitely try it for a $1.25," Sofia says. In comparison, The Ordinary's serums are priced at around $8 to $10 each.

Cetaphil Facial Cleanser Dupe

Dollar Tree dupe for Cetaphil Facial Cleanser

Another skincare product you may want to look for on your next Dollar Tree shopping trip is the B-Pure Gentle Skin Cleanser. According to Sofia, this is a dupe for the Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser, which is a favorite of many in the beauty world, including celebrities such as Reese Witherspoon.

It normally retails for about $8, compared to Dollar Tree's $1.25 price tag.

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Olay Dupes

Dollar Tree dupe for Olay Regenerist and Lotions

If Olay is more your speed in terms of skincare, Dollar Tree also has several dupes.

Beauty influencer Taylor Nelson (@taylornelsonofficial) posted a video to TikTok on May 7 to share that the retailer sells several Olay skincare dupes from the brand B-Pure.

"B-Pure is popping off lately," Nelson said while picking up a bottle of B-Pure lotion sitting on the shelf. "These are just like the Olay lotions. They have Collagen, Vitamin C, and Hyaluronic Acid."

Nelson also shows three other B-Pure products in her video that are meant to be compared to Olay's Regenerist Cream Cleanser ($7.50), Micro-Sculpting Cream ($25), and Night Recovery Cream ($27.50).

Naturium/Saltair Body Wash Dupes

Dollar Tree Naturium Saltair body wash dupes

Both Natrium and Saltair sell popular body washes that cost between $10 to $15 per bottle. But if you're looking for something cheaper, Dollar Tree may be your answer.

"These look just like the Natrium or Saltair body washes," Nelson said in her video while grabbing a bottle of Bolero's Vanilla Bean and Honey Body Wash. "We are definitely trying this."

Lush Coffee Scrub Dupe

Dollar Tree Lush coffee scrub dupe

You could also avoid spending $17 to $33 on Lush's Cup O'Coffee Face and Body Mask by going to Dollar Tree instead.

A TikToker named Brooke posted a video to her account @brookieeeeee5 on May 15 showing a B-Pure Coffee Body Scrub that she says "reminded [her] of the one they sell at Lush."

"I've tried the scrub," one shopper commented on Brooke's TikTok. "It's amazing and smells so good and…it actually exfoliates—just get like three of them because they run out quick."

MAC Fix Plus Dupe

Dollar Tree MAC Fix Plus dupe

MAC is a more expensive makeup brand, but that doesn't stop its Fix Plus from being one of the most beloved setting sprays. If you don't want to spend $33, however, Nelson says the Personal Care Reviving Aloe Mist from Dollar Tree is "actually supposed to be just like the MAC Fix Plus."

"I just tested out the Reviving Aloe Mist and it's so good," another shopper commented on Nelson's TikTok.

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Tower 28 Lip Jelly Dupe

Dollar Tree Tower 28 Lip Jelly Dupe

Don't forget about Dollar Tree's lip products, either. The retailer recently dropped a new rose shade for B-Pure's Lip Jelly, which Nelson says are "lookalikes to the Tower 28" version. The only difference? Each Tower 28 Lip Jelly is priced at $16, while the Dollar Tree dupe is only $1.25 per product.

Elf Lip Exfoliator

Dollar Tree Elf Lip Exfoliator dupe

Elf is considered one of the more affordable makeup brands, but Dollar Tree has cheaper alternatives for this brand, too. In her video, Nelson shows a Remi Rose lip product that she says "reminds her of the Elf Lip Exfoliator," which is $5 compared to just $1.25.

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