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Dollar Tree Shopper Finds 25 Target Dupes for $1.25

Consider these more affordable alternatives to your Target faves.

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Target is a beloved shopping destination for a reason. Here, you can find everything from chic kitchen items to cute clothing to affordable groceries—and you'll be hard-pressed to leave with just one thing. But even as the retailer announces plans to lower prices on thousands of products, Target may not be your cheapest option. In fact, one content creator is now trying to convince shoppers to take a trip to Dollar Tree for some wallet-friendly Target dupes instead.

Rachel, a TikToker who refers to herself as "Your Budget Friendly Bestie," posted a video to her account @rachelxburrows on May 19 to show that the dollar store chain is carrying many of the same brands (or similar ones) that you would find at your local Target.

"Don't compare Dollar Tree to Target? Oh yeah, explain this then," she writes at the beginning of her TikTok before wheeling her cart through the aisles of a Dollar Tree store to show off a number of affordable alternatives.

Read on for a list of 25 Target dupes Rachel was able to find on her shopping trip for just $1.25 each.

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Dollar Tree dupe of Target skincare products

Trying to take care of your skin can prove to be quite expensive, with influencers showing off their 10-step routines and high-end products. But in her TikTok, Rachel highlights some of the many Target dupes you can find at Dollar Tree for all your skincare needs.

The first two products she shows in her video—which has already been viewed over 3.1 million times—are from Vaseline. At Dollar Tree, Rachel was able to find both Vaseline Cocoa Glow Moisturizing Cream and Vaseline All Purpose Cream.

And that's not all. Rachel also shows that Dollar Tree has no shortage of face masks available for shoppers to choose from. These include the Miss Spa Watermelon Hydrating Sheet Mask, the Miss Spa Vitamin C Brightening Sheet Mask, and the Masque Bar 2-Minute Peptide & Niacinamide Sheet Mask.

Makeup and Nails

Dollar Tree dupe of Target makeup products

Dollar Tree's beauty dupes extend beyond just skincare, of course. The discount chain also carries makeup products from many brands you would find at Target, such as Elf Lipstick and Revlon Lip Color, according to Rachel's TikTok.

Need something for your nails? Rachel also highlights Dollar Tree's extensive nail polish collection, which includes the perfect cherry red shade of Kiss Gel Nail Polish for the summer.

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Oral Care

Dollar Tree dupe of Target dental products

You can take care of your teeth by shopping at Dollar Tree, too. As Rachel points out, Dollar Tree sells Grin Smooth Flossers (which are sold at Target for $4.99), as well as two popular teeth-whitening toothpastes: Crest 3D White and Colgate Optic White.

Hair Care

Dollar Tree dupe of Target hair products

The hair care selection at Dollar Tree isn't lacking either. According to Rachel's TikTok, the discount chain sells both Goody Hair Ties and Goody Bobby Pins, as well as Scünci Hair Ties and "so many options" of Scünci Scrunchies—including a teal blue scrunchie that she says is "so perfect for summer."

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Home and Cleaning

Dollar Tree dupe of Target home products

Shoppers have also been taking note of Dollar Tree's home and cleaning offerings. If you're in need of some soap, Rachel's video shows that the retailer offers Dove Bar Soap and Dial Hand Soap.

You'll also find Air Wick products at Dollar Tree, which Rachel tells viewers she needs to "re-up on" during her shopping trip.

"I love this scent," she says while grabbing an Air Wick Scented Oil Refill in Vanilla & Pink Papaya.

Dollar Tree is also selling a limited edition Air Wick Scented Oil Refill in Refreshing Watermelon & Berries, which Rachel says is "so good" and not always easy to find at other retailers.

Another great cleaning find Rachel highlights in her video? Scotch Brite Stainless Steel Scrubbers, which are more than a dollar cheaper at Dollar Tree than at Target.


Dollar Tree dupe of Target parenting products

If you're a parent, take note. At Dollar Tree, you can find BooginHead Pacifier Clips and Dapple Baby Breast Pump Cleaner, both at a more affordable price than at Target, according to Rachel's TikTok.

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Food and Drink

Dollar Tree dupe of Target food products

You don't even need to head to a second location if you find yourself in need of some sustenance while wandering the Dollar Tree aisles.

Want a quick snack or need to quench your thirst? The dollar store chain sells MrBeast Cookies and BodyArmor Sport Water, as shown in Rachel's video. And if you're thinking ahead to what you should make for breakfast in the morning, Dollar Tree also has Hungry Jack Pancake Mix.

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