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The 6 Best Household Items to Buy at Five Below, Experts Say

The discount retailer is an excellent resource for these essential home goods.

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When it comes to finding cheeky pieces of decor and unique odds and ends, Five Below stands out as one of the more unique retailers on the market. The spirited discount store is a go-to for anyone looking to bring a little brightness to their homes, operating 1,385 locations across 44 states. But what many shoppers may not realize is that the retailer can be an excellent resource for some everyday necessities. Read on for the best household items to buy at Five Below, according to experts.

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Food storage containers

organized pantry with containers
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Keeping your pantry and cabinets organized can be a real feat if you're relying on the original packaging of everything you buy. If you're planning an overhaul, consider Five Below for the materials you'll need.

"You can get a 42-piece set of food storage containers for just $5.55 at Five Below, which is an unbelievably good deal," says Julie Ramhold, consumer analyst with "You'll get various sizes of containers and lids and can choose from a number of fun colors too, including purple, orange, green, and pink if you don't like the plain white," adding that you can also use them to organize other small items around the house.

Other items can help you store your staples Tetris-style.

"Five Below also has other food storage options that are more robust, too, like 12.6 cup containers for the same price that are stackable and can be used for things like oats, pasta, and rice," Ramhold says. "And Five Below also has reusable sandwich bags if you don't need a hard-sided container for your storage needs."

Laundry detergent

A woman measuring laundry detergent in the cap to pour into a washing machine
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Staying on top of laundry still requires being able to run your washing machine. Fortunately, keeping your clothes clean can cost a little less, thanks to Five Below.

"The discount chain is selling a 10-ounce bottle of Gain Laundry Detergent for $2, while Walmart is selling a two-pack of the same item for $16.99," says Samantha Landau, consumer expert at "When buying the same amount of product, you're saving nearly $13 by shopping at Five Below."

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Storage bins and hooks

Plastic storage bins closet organizing

Keeping your home tidy isn't just about grabbing a vacuum and broom every day: It also helps if you have some tools that can help you stay ahead of the mess.

"Five Below has super affordable prices on things like over-the-door hooks, fabric cubes, decorative wall hooks, and clear storage bins," Ramhold tells Best Life. "Considering that organization is hugely popular but can cost a ton if you aren't careful, this is a really great option for those on a tighter budget."

Plus, she says the designs are more fun than the plain versions you may find elsewhere.

"Those clear storage bins have an iridescence to them instead of just being a plain, clear bin, and the over-the-door hooks come in clear but also a hot pink color to easily add a bright accent. There are also printed versions of the hooks that come in patterns like checkered, marble, and leopard print," Ramhold says.


shopping for blankets
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Blankets are a great way to stay warm when the weather gets chilly. But they can also be an easy way to brighten a room or add a personal touch to your space.

"Five Below makes redecorating budget-friendly by selling a 50-inch by 60-inch sherpa blanket for $5.55," says Landau. "Target sells a similar product for $11.39. By shopping at Five Below, you're getting more than half off on this trendy (and functional) product."

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Throw pillows and patio cushions

Five Below Retail Store. Five Below is a chain that sells products that cost up to 5 dollars.

Similar to blankets, a few other affordable touches can make a little home freshening up painless.

"It's easy to change out your decor for the seasons with inexpensive throw pillows from Five Below," says Teresa Britton, founder and owner of "These are also a great buy for anyone decorating a porch, patio, or maybe a first apartment or dorm room on a budget."

And it's not just the interior of your home that could benefit. "I noticed our local Five Below had lots of colorful replacement cushions for patio furniture," she adds. "Since cushions can mildew or fade in what feels like no time, I love the idea of being able to replace them more often so inexpensively."

Collapsible storage crates

five below store
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Traditional storage bins might not be the best option if you're shopping for an organizational solution for a smaller home or apartment with limited space. That's where collapsable storage bins from Five Below can come in very handy.

"Five Below has a few different kinds of these items in black, white, and pastel multicolor as well," says Ramhold. "There are also some available in bright, fun colors, like pink, orange, purple, and green, as well as a grey color that's a nice neutral."

Since the items collapse and can be stored themselves when not in use, they fill a particular niche.

"Prices range from $1 to $5.55 depending on the size, and thanks to the variety of sizes, these are suitable for a variety of different organization needs," says Ramhold.

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