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Five Below Sells Super Cheap Stanley Tumbler Dupes—Are They Just As Good?

The reusable water bottle is the same price as a disposable one.

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If there were a popularity contest for reusable water bottles, the Stanley Quencher H2.0 FlowState Tumbler would almost certainly win. For the past few years, the insulated cup has been the vessel of choice for social media influencers, trend chasers, and ordinary folks looking for a reliable way to keep their drinks cool (or hot!) for up to nine hours. But Stanley is more than a passing fad—the container company has been around for more than a century. Because of that pedigree—and the quality of its products—its tumbler can command a hefty price of $50. To get around that, internet users have found a few favorite dupes. This one from Five Below costs less than $6. Keep reading to see how people say it stacks up against the original.

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Shoppers are turning to social media to review Five Below's Stanley tumbler dupe.

A product shot of a pink hydraquench tumbler from Five Below
Five Below

Five Below sells a range of products, from home goods and tech accessories to workout supplies and toys. Many of its items cost between $1 and $5, but the company says it has some "extreme value" products that go beyond that price point. The Hydroquench Tumbler, which costs $5.55, is one such item.

Reviewers say its appearance is a dead ringer for the popular Stanley Quencher H2.0 Flowstate Tumbler—but how good is its performance?

In May 2023, TikTok user @itskristiii said she was in Five Below when she spotted the dupe. She panned the camera to a shelf of cream, grey, and pastel pink cups that had a handle and straw, just like the Stanley tumbler. "You guys have to run to Five Below before these sell out," she exclaimed.

A few days later, the same TikTok user shared a review that compared the two cups. She filled them each with ice water to see how they held up. Unsurprisingly, the Stanley cup, which costs $50 and is insulated with recycled stainless steel, kept the water cold for longer than the Five Below dupe, which isn't insulated at all.

However, the cheaper product was able to keep the water cool for about a half hour. "Not bad for $5, but unfortunately, the Stanley cup wins," itskristiii concluded, adding that the Stanley cup felt sturdier than the Five Below product and that there was no condensation on the outside of the cup, while there was on the other tumbler.

It's interesting to note that results may vary. When TikTok user Angelina Tinker put ice and water in each tumbler, she found that the Five Below dupe was able to preserve the ice for longer.

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Experts say there are a few key differences in the products' specs.

Product shot of a sage green Stanley Tumbler

Professional deal-spotters point out many of the same shortcomings as social media reviewers.

"While Stanley's tumbler has a stainless steel interior, Five Below's tumbler has plastic on the inside," says Kate Roberts, an editor at Deal News. "Plus, Stanley notes on the product page that its tumbler is dishwasher-safe—a claim Five below doesn't make in its product details."

She adds that the biggest difference between the two items may be the price: "The Five Below tumbler costs just 11 percent of the Stanley tumbler's price."

And going viral can cause some challenges.

five below store
Helen89 / Shutterstock

There are some drawbacks to viral products. Namely, stock issues.

"Items that go viral can sell out more quickly than other pieces, so it can be tougher to get them," says Roberts. "For instance, when I checked Five Below's website, only one of the three Hydraquench colors was available for shipping—the other two were sold out."

Meanwhile, all four colors of the Stanley Quencher H2.0 tumbler are currently available.

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Other stores also sell items that are similar to the Stanley cup.

Product shot of a lime green/yellow Simply Modern tumbler and box
Amazon / Simply Modern

The Five Below tumbler isn't the only Stanley Cup dupe. People are also raving about one from Simply Modern, which costs $30 on Amazon.

"Lately, I've been loving this Simply Modern cup," says TikTok user Janie Ippolito. "It looks just like a Stanley; it's cheaper than a Stanley, it's the same size and fits in your cup holder."

The people behind the TikTok account @LifeTipsFromUs agree, saying an added bonus is that it doesn't leak at the top where the straw goes into the bottle like the Stanley tumbler often does.

Choosing a dupe depends on what you need from the cup.

Close up of a reusable water bottle in a human hand, concept of thirst, rehydration and decreasing single use plastic

Whether or not the Five Below dupe is for you depends on your preferences.

"If you're purely wanting a product that looks like Stanley's offering and holds the same amount of liquid, Five Below's tumbler may be worth considering, especially at just over $5—just temper expectations," says Roberts. "Don't count on the Five Below tumbler keeping hot liquids hot and cold liquids cold for as long as the Stanley tumbler does."

TikTok user @millennialmsfrizz notes that the cup gets the job done well enough. "I would give this a six out of ten because it does fit perfectly in my cup holder, and I do like carrying it around, and it is nice to sip from it, and I like having this much liquid," she says. "I think $5 is a very fair price for this cup."

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