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5 Best Clothing Items to Buy at Walmart, Experts Say

They have a little bit of everything—but you'll want to be discerning, retail pros say.

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Walmart is a one-stop shop destination for all sorts of items, from groceries and toiletries to furniture and organization solutions. But when you visit the retailer, there are some aisles you might not think to stroll—and the clothing section might be one of them. If that's the case, you're missing out. Just like Walmart offers incredible deals on all its wares, it also sells great clothing at affordable prices. Here are the best brands and types of clothing to purchase to get the most bang for your buck, according to retail experts.

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Time and Tru

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Walmart's house clothing brand, Time and Tru, is a great place to start your style search when visiting the store.

"It has a great range of everyday looks in different styles, including things like dress pants and midi skirts, as well as jeans in a number of fits, comfy sweaters, and stylish boots," says Julie Ramhold, consumer analyst with "Obviously, the pieces will change based on the seasons, but the affordability of this brand makes it super easy to revamp your wardrobe and try out new looks without breaking the bank."

On a recent hunt, Ramhold spotted a midweight puffer jacket for less than $25, knit leggings for $5, and tall slouchy boots for around $35.

"Even better, most items are highly rated, earning at least four out of five stars in many cases," she adds. The quality is there, and so are the prices.

Mall brands

Wide view of Walmart's women's clothing department
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Walmart's house brands aren't the only ones you'll find at the store.

"It has strategically acquired a number of beloved brands like George, Justice, and exclusive distribution rights of Sofia Vergara's denim line and Madden NYC," says Marie Clark, retail expert and editor of the shopping site CostContessa. "Plus, you'll find Reebok, Crocs, Sketchers, and more."

Expect the best selection at Walmart Supercenters and online.

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Activewear rips, stains, and becomes smelly quickly, so you'll probably want to nab the best deals you can find—and for those, head to Walmart.

"You can basically shop every category of activewear at Walmart, so everything from bottoms like shorts and leggings to tops like shirts, jackets, and sports bras, plus athletic shoes," says Ramhold. "Look for pieces to be under $20 each, with some tops falling under $10 each as well."

Even sturdier items, like gym bags, are budget-friendly. "They're only about $35 on the higher end of the range, and most are $20 or less—plus, there are quite a few styles if you don't want a typical duffle; think things like waterproof totes or bags with removable pouches to make sure you keep your gym things smelling fresh," Ramhold adds.


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Take a look at the labels on Walmart's jeans, and you'll definitely be impressed.

"They partnered with Levi's to offer the Signature by Levi Strauss & Co. line in men's, women's and women's plus," says Samantha Landau, consumer expert at "This product line, in particular, sees four- and five-star reviews regularly, being praised for the great price and the comfortable fit of their products."

Even better: Most pairs are just $27!

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Plus-size clothing

Worker checking price tag for display clothes on sale inside Walmart store

If you typically have trouble finding extended sizes at your usual stores, give Walmart a try.

"Its size-inclusivity with so many options is something to applaud," says Landau. "There are plenty of options to craft full outfits for under $50 in larger sizing, making affordability and style more accessible."

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