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9 Color Changes to Give Your Hair a Fresh Look for Spring, Stylists Say

A new hue could be exactly what you need to help you embrace the new season.

Spring is the season of new beginnings. You might take this time to clean your house from top to bottom, or start going outside to enjoy nature more often. But if you're looking for ways to embrace a physical change this season, why not try something new with your tresses? We talked to different stylists to get the scoop on how you can move on from the dreary winter with a bit of dye. Read on to discover nine color changes that will give your hair a fresh look for spring.

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Pastel tones

Portrait of confident, young, modern teenage girl with pink, blue hair in nature forest, Germany

Pastels don't just work for your spring wardrobe. You can also incorporate these tones into your hair, as they "offer a playful, whimsical look that matches the season's bloom," according to Kate Ross, hair and beauty specialist at Irresistible Me.

"Think soft pinks, lilacs, or baby blues," she says. "These colors work well on lighter hair and are ideal for those wanting to make a gentle yet trendy change."

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Honey blonde

Smiling young woman enjoying summer

If you're looking to keep things a little more natural looking, beauty industry expert Dawna Jarvis recommends going honey blonde for spring.

"This color adds warmth to your hair and gives you a nice, golden glow, especially next to a fresh tan," she shares.

Cool ash

Portrait of beautiful happy senior woman outdoors

On the opposite end of the spectrum, going for a cooler change can also give you a "more subdued spring refresh," according to Ross.

"Cool ash tones can provide a modern twist to your hair," she notes. "This color works well in counteracting yellow or brassy tones, giving your hair a sleek, sophisticated edge."

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Strawberry blonde

Hairdresser washing woman's strawberry blonde hair in salon

Another popular shade for the season is strawberry blonde.

"As a beautiful blend of red and blonde hues, this color brings to mind the fresh, fruity vibes of spring," Ross says.


Trendy hairstyle ideas. Young woman with dyed apricot hair on white wooden background

If strawberry blonde is not enough of a change for you, try apricot instead. This color is often described as strawberry blonde's more vivid and warmer sister—making it the perfect next step if you want something a bit more dramatic.

"Vibrant apricot is expressive and fun for spring," Houna Bech, beauty expert and founder of With Houna, tells Best Life. "It's an unexpected pop of color that flatters those with warm complexions."


Face of a beautiful woman with red hair and lips isolated on green background. High quality photo

Or drop the blonde altogether and embrace red this spring. Copper hair has become quite the trend over the last few years, and it's certainly not too late to join.

Describing it as a "statement color," Ross says copper is a "bold choice that can highlight the natural beauty of your eyes and skin tone."

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Rich espresso

Beautiful young woman drinking cup of coffee reading newspaper

Remember, brown hair can be seasonally appropriate, too. If you want to be in the brunette family, Bech suggests a rich espresso brown for your next color.

"This is a sophisticated, yet natural-looking spring hue," she explains. "The deep chocolate brown shade with subtle warm undertones is rich and multidimensional. It creates drama and flair during the spring season."

Caramel highlights

Portrait of smiling beautiful woman standing against white background looking right

If you want a little more dimension with your darker locks, have your stylist throw highlights in.

"Adding some caramel or lighter brown highlights can create a multi-dimensional look that's subtle yet impactful," Ross says.

Bech is also a fan of this look, advising clients to opt for warm caramel lowlights and buttery highlights to achieve what she calls "caramel drizzle hair."

"This combination creates the perfect dimension for spring," she shares. "It's a great way to add shine and movement."

Face-framing highlights

Beautiful hairstyle of young woman after dyeing hair and making highlights in hair salon.

No matter what base color you choose, you can also consider face-framing highlights to "brighten up your complexion and give your hair a pop of color," Jarvis advises.

"They're perfect for spring because they make you look fresh and vibrant," she adds.

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