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Shopper Claims Walmart Is Overcharging for Great Value Butter: "Walmart Always Does This"

Other customers are also calling out the retailer for price discrepancies.

Walmart has been facing a fair amount of heat over its store-brand food in recent months. Several customers have called out Great Value products, drawing attention to the ingredients, the quality of the produce, and the rising prices. The cost of these items has been a particular pain point, with an ex-government official even accusing the mega-retailer of "price gouging" for a not-so-great value. But now, one shopper is claiming that the real issue is with price discrepancies, accusing Walmart of overcharging her for Great Value butter.

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A customer named Malinda took to her TikTok account @malisauce on April 23 to post a video alleging that she was overcharged during a recent trip to one of the retailer's stores.

"Walmart's trying to get me again. Look at this," Malinda says at the start of the video while holding up a copy of her receipt.

On the receipt, you can see that she was charged $2.26 for a two-pack of Great Value Butter Salted Sticks at a Neighborhood Market store in Overland Park, Kansas.

After showing her receipt, Malinda pans the camera to show the same item on a shelf in the store. Viewers can see that the listed price is less than what she was charged at checkout: On the shelf, the Great Value butter is just $1.97.

"@Walmart, what is the extra 29 cents for?" she captioned her TikTok.


@Walmart what is the extra 29 cents for? #fyp #walmart #iykyk

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Malinda's video has already caused quite a stir on TikTok, with over 1.7 million views so far. But by looking at the comment section, it seems that she's not the only shopper who has faced this issue.

"Walmart always does those things! They need to be sued," one user commented.

Currently, Walmart is in the middle of settling a class action lawsuit over alleged price discrepancies for weighted goods, with shoppers eligible for refunds of up to $500.

Another TikTok user claimed that Walmart did the same thing to them with eggs the week prior.

"I'm gonna start taking pictures in the aisles to compare and prove it to them at the register," they commented.

A different user replied, "I've done this for the past year! Take pictures of everything and compare at register. They hate me because I'm always catching them gouging. Every trip!"

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Others are now worried about being more vigilant during their shopping trips, too.

"Man I gotta start watching my receipt closer. Thank you," one customer wrote.

At the same time, some shoppers are skeptical that Walmart is intentionally overcharging people "purely for profit," like Malinda claims.

"Ok, grocery store worker here. Sometimes prices change and there aren't enough staff to get all the tags changed," one person explained in the comment section of the viral TikTok.

Best Life reached out to Walmart for comment on Malinda's overcharging claims, and we will update this story with its response.

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