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Walmart Shoppers Say "Never Buy" Great Value Vegetables—Here's Why

Some have concerns about the quality of Walmart's frozen veggies in particular.

Unless you're truly loyal to name-brand products, generic and store-brand options are a great alternative to save some money—and Walmart shoppers know that well. In the frozen aisle, shoppers can choose from a wide array of Great Value frozen veggies, but lately, customers have shared quality complaints about some of the store's offerings. Read on to find out why customers are frustrated with Walmart's Great Value vegetables.

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It all started with frozen broccoli.

In a March 26 TikTok, user @teiseq films herself opening a bag of Great Value Broccoli Florets. While she is expecting to see small broccoli florets, she also finds a large frozen stalk.

"Now why would they give me this big [expletive] beanstalk?" the TikToker jokes while filming the frozen stem with no florets attached.

In the comment section, fellow TikTokers pointed out that the stalk probably took up most of the bag—and @teiseq confirmed this, writing, "It did!! I thought I had at least half a bag left and it's this big branch."

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Other shoppers aired similar grievances.

walmart frozen broccoli florets

@teiseq wasn't alone in this experience, as other shoppers said they had seen the same thing.

"Never buy that brand broccoli," one shopper wrote. "One time I got all the pieces [with] no florets at all."

Yet another commenter said they've stopped buying Great Value Broccoli Florets altogether. "Nothing but stems," they wrote.

Another added, "The [Great Value] broccoli bags are always like this! Drives me nuts."

Best Life reached out to Walmart for comment on these complaints, and will update the story when we hear back.

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The issues go beyond broccoli.

walmart frozen food aisle

Other TikTokers shared their opinions on the quality of Great Value frozen vegetables, including onions—which one shopper alleged often still have the skin on them—and cauliflower.

"Walmart is stupid with their veggies! They do cauliflower like that, too," a commenter wrote in response to @teiseq's video.

Another claimed the Great Value Frozen Carrots and Great Value Frozen Mixed Vegetables also have quality issues. In a bag that was supposed to be carrots, the shopper reportedly found peas, and in the mixed vegetables, it was "mainly green beans and corn [with] like one carrot."

"[This is] why I had to stop buying great value," the shopper wrote.

Another Walmart customer said they don't buy any frozen Great Value vegetables at this point.

"Walmart has been ripping ppl off with their frozen veggies for the last few years, I switched brands, not worth [expletive] like this anymore," they wrote.

This isn't the first time Great Value has come under fire.

Overall, the Great Value brand might leave a bit to be desired, according to shoppers. One commenter on @teiseq's video wrote, "That's Great Value for you!!! Never buy Walmart private label products as they are all inferior quality."

Earlier this year, customers called out other Great Value products, including bacon and cold cuts.

In a Feb. 13 TikTokHeather Lynne Foster (@heatherlynnefoster) weighs a package of Great Value Hickory Smoked Bacon that is supposed to be 12 ounces. However, when she puts it on her food scale, the breakfast meat weighs just 7.90 ounces. When the bacon comes out of the package, it is down to 7.16 ounces.

Even more alarming, in a Feb. 5 TikTok, another TikToker, @traveler_bex, displays moldy Great Value Turkey Breast packs for sale.

"Look, it's on sale. You know why? This is why," Bex says in the video, while picking up a two-pound Great Value Turkey Breast pack to reveal white, black, and blue spots on the side. "Mold. Mold in your turkey breast—on sale."

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