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Shopper Claims Walmart Is "Literally Scamming Us" With Great Value Food

She is warning other customers to check their products, too.

Grocery bills have skyrocketed over the last few years in the face of high inflation. And one way shoppers are trying to save money is by going back to the basics when it comes to which brands they buy. But if you've been trying to cut costs with Walmart's store brand, you might not actually be getting the "great value" you think you are. One shopper recently took to TikTok to share a disappointing discovery with the retailer's Great Value food. Read on to find out more about why she claims Walmart is "literally scamming us."

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A Walmart shopper recently showed herself weighing her Great Value food.


Heather Lynne Foster posted a video to her TikTok account @heatherlynnefoster on Feb. 13, highlighting a peculiar problem she noticed with some of the food she had recently bought from Walmart. In the video, Foster showed a 12-ounce package of Great Value Hickory Smoked Bacon.

"Alright, so get a load of this. This is an unopened package of bacon, right? It says that it's 12 ounces," she said in the video. "I picked it up and I was like, hmm, okay, I know these usually come in a pound but I got the 12 ounce instead. It was like $4."

As Foster explained, she was "just curious" about the product's weight so she decided to weigh it on her food scale, which indicated it was only 7.90 ounces. "Look at that. That's with the package," she said. After taking the bacon out of the package, the number went down to 7.16 ounces.

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She claims the retailer is "literally scamming us" by labeling packages with the incorrect weight.

TikTok video of great value Walmart bacon
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After finding out that her Great Value bacon weighed five ounces less than what was indicated on the packaging, Foster said she felt inclined to show others that they're being ripped off by retailers like Walmart after they've already raised prices amid high inflation.

"They are literally scamming us," she wrote on her TikTok. "These corporations are charging double for groceries and not even giving us what we are paying for."

She encouraged others to start weighing their Great Value products from Walmart, too. "I believe I've done my best to prove my honesty, but if you doubt, start weighting yourself," she wrote in the comment section.

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Others said they've experienced the same problem.

San Jose, CA - January 24, 2020: Closeup of Walmart shopping cart in the middle of an isle with some items already inside.

Foster's TikTok has blown up, garnering more than 4.4 million views in just two days. And with over 20,700 comments, it seems that other shoppers have started taking a closer look at their food from Walmart.

"Omg!! I bought that same bacon and just weight it and it was 7 ounces," one person commented. Another replied, "Just weight mine (same brand) and it's 7 ounces."

But it's not just with the Great Value Hickory Smoked Bacon that Walmart shoppers are seeing this problem pop up. "I knew I wasn't crazy!!! I got a pound roll of ground turkey and weighed it. It was 3 ounces less," one person wrote in the comment section. Another responded, "I was buying iced mushrooms. 8-ounce package weight on two different scales, 5.74 ounces."

Walmart has been sued for mislabeling the weight of food products.


Best Life has reached out to Walmart about these complaints from customers, and we will update this story with their response. But as many viewers pointed out in the comment section of Foster's TikTok, the retailer has been hit with a class action lawsuit for this exact issue.

Plaintiff Vassilios Kukorinis filed the suit against Walmart in Florida federal court back in 2022, alleging that the retailer has misled customers by falsely inflating product weights and mislabeling the weight of bagged produce, Legal Newsline reported. And just last month, a judge gave preliminary approval of a $45 million settlement for the class action in favor of Kukorinis, according to the news outlet. As a result, Walmart may be forced to pay anywhere up to $500 back to affected shoppers.

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