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5 Walmart Clothing Items That Are "Better Than Target," Shoppers Say

One big-box store may be better than the other when it comes to buying clothes.

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While Walmart and Target are often pitted against each other, the rival retailers have long been recognized for having different strengths. Walmart is typically considered to be cheaper, and Target tends to be seen as the more stylish of the two. So when it comes to clothes, many customers take their business to Target. But the tides may be turning, as shoppers have started speaking out about the affordable apparel they've been able to find at Walmart, and sharing why you might want to start shopping there for your clothes instead. Read on for five Walmart clothing items they say are better than what you'd find at Target.

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Close up females hand holding and touching a black jersey fabric legging. The young women shopping sports clothing

If you don't want to shell out a Lululemon amount of money for leggings, consider getting yours from Walmart. In a July 2023 Reddit post on the r/unpopularopinion subreddit, user @commerical-piano-897 said that they like Walmart clothes—especially when it comes to their leggings.

"Speaking strictly in terms of style and longevity, I actually like clothes from Walmart," they wrote. "My cotton leggings from there last forever and I often find close dupes to styles from stores like Free People or Anthropologie. I could buy the clothes from those stores, but why would I? Their clothes aren't any better quality than the clothes from Walmart but like four times the price."

This turned out to not be such an unpopular opinion, as many shoppers agreed with the original poster in the comment section. One even added that the retailer's leggings are "better than Target," while another pointed out that they're "much cheaper than places like Target."

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A rack of second hand jeans

Leggings aren't the only bottoms that Walmart may be besting Target with. In the comment section of the same Reddit post, one shoppers shared that they've been on a "jeans hunt for a year" and have only found mediocre options at other retailers.

"I used to avoid Walmart clothes but since things have gotten so much more expensive I was like, let's try it out," they wrote. "I tried on the Walmart Levi's Signature jeans. I was like … these are so CUTE and way more affordable than anything else I've found."


Clothing on hanger at the modern shop boutique

More recently, a Dec. 2023 Reddit post pointed out that Target is becoming a less reliable option for dresses.

"Target used to occasionally have some cute options. I'm on their site now and I'm terrified," the Reddit poster wrote, sharing a screenshot of dresses on Target's website. "What is happening? I feel like I went through a time machine to 2007 and it's not good."

Several shoppers in the comment section shared that they feel like "Target and Walmart have switched places" over the last year. In fact, one person revealed that they had recently found a "really cute dress to wear as a wedding guest" at Walmart.

"I went to Target first and was appalled," they explained. "I went to Walmart out of desperation because my flight was hours away, and ended up with one of my new favorite dresses. And it was cheap as heck haha. Maybe they're switching inventory? Weird."

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Photo of multicolored sport sleeveless t-shirts and shirts hanging on store rack.

Looking for affordable athletic apparel? Walmart has been working to elevate its activewear options over the last few years, and it seems like customers have noticed this effort.

"I never thought I'd see the day where Walmart actually came for Target in the cheap cute clothes department? I actually got a cute sports bra that feels like it'll hold up better than some Adidas and Nike ones I have," one person wrote in an X post.

Baby clothes

Beautiful Children's things hang on a hanger in a clothing store

If you're looking for options for younger children, many shoppers say Walmart is the superior choice, too.

"I'm sorry but Walmart's baby clothes [are] way better than Target," one person wrote in an X post. "The pricing is reasonable and the quality is amazing."

In comparison, they explained that Target's baby clothes tend to be overpriced and the material is thinner.

"Oh and they barely have anything for boys compared to Walmart's huge selection," the X user added.

They're hardly alone in this opinion, as other shoppers have shared similar thoughts on social media.

"I will always stand by the fact that Walmart has better baby clothes than Target does," another X user posted.

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