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5 Best Colors to Wear If You Have Cool Skin Undertones, Stylists Say

Add these color choices to your outfits, and you'll look like you're glowing.

Everyone's obsessed with color analysis these days. The practice, which has been going viral on social media, involves studying your natural coloring to find a smattering of hues that look best on you. At its most basic level, color analysis assesses your skin's undertones and whether you lean warm or cool. Not sure? Take a look at the color of your veins on the inside of your wrist; if they're more blue, you're likely cool; if they're more green, you're likely warm. People with cool undertones have a particularly pretty palette that takes their features to the next level. Keep reading to discover the colors that stylists say you should buy on repeat.

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Soft Pink

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Who doesn't love dressing in a pretty pink?

"Picking up on the pinky undertones of blue-based complexions is one of the best ways to flatter cool undertones," says Elizabeth Kosich, certified image stylist and founder of Elizabeth Kosich Styling. "If your coloring is muted, try a dusty, softer pink, and if you have high-intensity contrasts, consider a lighter, icier pastel pink."

When you're in the right one, you'll notice your cheeks take on a rosier, healthy glow.

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Gray doesn't have to be blah. In fact, if you have cool undertones, it could really make your features shine.

"Its continuum is broad, ranging from dove gray to steel to charcoal," says Kosich. "Find a gray that matches your hair value—so, for example, if you're blonde, opt for light grays."

Or, choose a pewter tone, which Kosich says looks good on everyone, no matter their undertone or hair color.

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If you're looking to add something bold to your closet, opt for magenta.

"Vibrant, dramatic, and alluring, it's a red-based purple that lives between violet and red on the color wheel," says Kosich. "Not only is it cool-skin tone compatible, magenta evokes cheerfulness, happiness, and appreciation for our personal achievements, which makes it a feel-good hue full of good vibes."

Prepare to get tons of compliments from people who can't help but notice you.

True Red

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A little red dress might be just the thing you need to take your wardrobe to the next level. Kosich suggests a midway red.

"True red's neutrality is its superpower—that means cool and warm undertones alike can wear it and be equally supported, flattered, and enhanced by its perfectly balanced not-too-cool-not-too-warm-middle-of-the-road hue," she shares. "And don't forget that the opposite of the color wheel from red is green, making true red particularly complementary to green-eyed people."

Essentially, you can't go wrong.

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Portrait of happy freckled female with ginger hair, has broad smile, glad to meet with someone, dressed in oversized purple t shirt, isolated over white background. Red haired teenager indoor

This color appears icy in the winter and airy in the summer, and it's equally chameleon-like with skin tones.

"When paired with blue-based skin tones, it appears cool, and vice versa with warm complexions," Kosich explains. "Enjoy its full value range from light to dark and its versatility by pairing it with gray, cool beige, pink, and denim."

It's a year-round staple stunner.

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