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The Best Colors to Wear If You Have Green Eyes, According to Stylists

These colors will certainly turn heads.

Your eyes are a feature that deserve to be shown off, no matter what color they are. Each shade has its own uniqueness, but something about green eyes is so enviable. Elizabeth Kosich, certified image stylist and founder of Elizabeth Kosich Styling, describes them as hypnotic and mesmerizing. Perhaps it's because it is the rarest eye color—only 9 percent of Americans and 2 percent of the world population have green eyes. If you're one of the select few with this shade, knowing how to make them pop with your wardrobe is a must. We spoke to stylists about the best colors to wear when your eyes are a gorgeous green.

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Red/Red Undertones

Woman in Big Red Coat
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Red is directly across the color wheel from green, which makes it the perfect pairing. "It's the ideal contrast color that really makes green pop," says Kosich.

If bright red feels a little too bold for your taste, a deeper tone will also do the trick. These darker, sometimes more subtle shades aren't too overwhelming or vibrant, so they're ideal for those who are stepping out of their comfort zones. "Wine or burgundy intensifies your green eyes and makes them more breathtaking," says Sarah Roberts, the founder of

If these still feel like a bit much, Nina Vargas, a stylist and business strategist for fashion brands, suggests going with colors that feature red undertones instead. "Maroon, coral-orange, or pinkish-red are colors that will help accentuate green eyes," she says.

Keep in mind that your whole ensemble doesn't have to be red. You can start with a jewelry or lipstick and ease your way into this statement-making shade as you see fit.


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A slightly obvious choice is to wear green itself. "To make powerful green eyes even more powerful, wear any shade of green to reinforce the hue and amp up drama," says Kosich.

Green comes in many different shades, so there's truly a ton of options when it comes to making your eyes shine. Aimee Carr, founder of Voodoo Makeup, beauty activist, and makeup artist, advises picking earthy tones like olive green or greens with shades of brown in them, especially if your skin has warm undertones.

When your skin has cooler undertones, Kosich says to go with emeralds or bottle green. But if you're unsure whether your undertones are warm or cool, turquoise and mint green are universally flattering shades that anyone can pull off.

"No matter what the shade of green is, it'll pick up the hues in your eyes," Courtney and Lindsey Glasser, the founders and CEOS of Grey Bandit share.

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Jewel Tones

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Experimenting with daring jewel tones can really make your eyes stand out—and you can do this with clothing or makeup. Carr recommends emeralds, sapphires, or deep purples.

"These are all great color choices that will emphasize the depth and vibrancy of your green eyes, and they work because they complement the natural green tones without overpowering them," says Carr.

Fuchsia also works well because it's one of red's analogous colors. It has a blue base which harmonizes best with cool, pinkish complexions, Kosich tells Best Life.

The jewel-tone, green-eye combo is sure to get you showered in compliments.

Rose Gold

Rose Gold Clothing and Accessories
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Green eyes often have flecks of other shades like hazel, gold, or brown—and it can be worthwhile to make those stand out, too.

"Rose gold is also a good option because the slightly red undertone of this gold shade allows green eyes to shimmer," says Vargas. The shade is also versatile as you can wear it for subtle, everyday looks or amp it up for a night out.

Similarly to red, rose gold can be pretty bold, so trying out some eyeshadow or a statement piece of jewelry is a great way to incorporate this color into your look.


Woman Walking in All White Outfit
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White isn't a go-to color for a lot of people simply because it gets dirty easier, but it does work wonders when it comes to green eyes.

"Wearing white ties to the iris, drawing attention up and toward green eyes," says Kosich. It's a neutral that is simple and clean, which allows more attention to go to the eyes instead of being distracted elsewhere.

Less is more for green eyes. "They make a powerful statement all on their own, which white only reinforces," Kosich adds.

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