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The Best Colors to Wear If You Have Dark Hair, According to Stylists

There's a certain shade of pink you need to try.

Over decades of trying on clothes, you've likely identified a few colors you return to again and again. Maybe, you tend to stick to an all-black wardrobe. Or, perhaps you're often drawn to a statement hue, like purple or orange. But what if we told you that all it takes is a little color theory and your hair to figure out what colors will best enhance your natural features? To get the scoop on the best colors to wear with dark hair, we posed the question to style experts. Read on to learn which hues pair best with black or brown tresses.

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The Best Colors to Wear If You Have Dark Hair

1. Hot Pink

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Hot pinks and magentas have been trending heavily recently, but you don't need to be a fashionista to pull them off perfectly.

Rachel Varney, a personal stylist in New York City, says it's one of her favorite colors to put on people with dark hair.

"My clients are sometimes apprehensive to try such a bright color, but their face lights up when they see how radiating it is," she says. "Hot pink is especially flattering for those with fair skin and warmer undertones."

Try a peppy crew-neck sweater for a pop of color, or go all in with a shift dress in the hue.

2. Emerald Green

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For another less-common color to pair with dark hair, try emerald green.

"The deep tone of the emerald is complementary to dark hair and makes it appear richer," says Varney. "Emerald green is flattering on both warm and cool skin tones." If you have green eyes, too, it will accentuate your features even further, she adds.

Wear it on a wrap dress, or opt for a tartan blazer that includes the color in its print.

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3. Red

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You can never go wrong with red, the "color of empowerment," says Monica Diaz, a sustainable style consultant.

"Most people steer clear of red because they think it is too overpowering, but once they wear the right red, it actually looks amazing on them," Diaz shares.

So, how do you find the "right red?" Diaz says it's all about undertones. If you have warm undertones, choose a more orange-red. If you have cool undertones, choose a more blue-red.

4. Navy

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Navy is a classic, easy-to-wear color that looks incredible on people with dark hair. And according to Carol Davidson, a New York City-based style and image consultant, it's a welcome departure from the black hues that tend to monopolize people's closets.

"While black can be draining, particularly as we age, navy has more life to it," says Davidson.

However, one of her favorite ways to style it is alongside black. If you have blue eyes, Davidson says this hue is extra flattering.

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5. Burgundy


If a true red still sounds too overwhelming, Davidson suggests burgundy as a more wearable version. In fact, she calls it a pseudo-neutral.

"Fashion may classify it as an accent color, but burgundy combines with other colors just as easily as more common neutrals do," she says. "What's more, burgundy is visually more interesting than black, brown, gray, and so on."

The color looks especially great on people with cool and neutral undertones and those with green eyes.

6. Yellow Gold

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If you're feeling indecisive at the jewelry counter, go for the gold.

"If a customer has dark hair, I recommend trying out bold yellow gold earrings—the striking contrast against dark brown or black hair creates a stunning visual effect," says Alexis Taub, founder of Alexis Jae Jewelry. They're also a fabulous basic to wear every day.

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